online Job Coaching for teenagers
 Posted on 22/04/2014 - 09:33
Idea Outline
Act! Academy of competence training developed an scientific based online training for social competences to support teenagers in their job and private life - reach your goals together with others.

The Challenge
Every year hundred thousands of teenagers between 15 and 20 years old are finishing high school without knowing what comes next and how to deal with job and private life. Most of them who are ending school early come from not as privileged backgrounds . The result? No perspective. Unmotivation. Dropout. Meanwhile we know that about 40% of business success depends on social competences but Coachings are just a fix part of the every day life of managers and higher educated people. We want to change that and stand up for equal education chances also in this field and for this target group. We want self motivated, social and confident teenagers who rock their lives. And we want to give a chance to enterprises to show their innovation and social responsibility to encourage their employees

The Solution

With the possibilities of the internet and cloudbased learning we developed a concept that integrated video based learning with practice transfer and knowledge tests. We provide classic personality coaching tools like targets, values and resources and combined it with skills in communication, conflicts, teams and selfmanagement. It´s base on three panels: short videos to provide the theoretical basement (watch the trailer on , Multiple Choice questions to check knowledge and real-life homework that is done with a coaching partner. The lessons are based on scientifically proved psychological concepts and will be evaluated together with the University of Salzburg.
Key activities: Producing the lectures, evaluation design, website, Software development, marketing, netwo

Target group and social impact
We concentrate first on teenagers who want to do an apprenticeship at the age between 15 and 20. We already found some enterprises who are collaborating with us. We want to encourage them to reach their goals together with others to get self motivated, confident and social in order to take over responsibilities. Thus they are more confident with their work, are more efficient in teams and give better results to their enterprises. Businesses show social responsibility and innovation.

Competences of the applicant
We are interdisciplinary team with different qualifications including Studies of Psychology and Economy (2005-2010), Film and Fotoexperience (5 years), Coaching teenagers (4 years), Software development (5 years)

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