Matching with social competence and Mind-Filters
 Posted on 28/05/2014 - 10:17
Idea Outline
The core of the idea is the visualization of social competence and individual "Mind-Filters" through a generic and self-weighting algorithm. This helps to improve communication and match people into social settings which make them happy.

The Challenge
The challenge of this idea is to explore the variety of possible application fields for this analysis. Every current and inborn circumstances influence our perception. Based on these perceptions and certain soziological rules we act in a certain way. We made it possible to show these different levels of perception and action. What can we accomplish with this knowledge? One idea is that it will be possible to match people to jobs (based on their specific social competence and matched to the offered social setting by the employer) that have a better chance of making them happy. Another idea is to help students find their specific job that has a better chance of making them happy - A basic statistical population would be needed. E.g. Person x has perception y and is 0-100% happy in job z.

The Solution

With an sociological questionary consisting of 60 Questions-weightage option included-we want to display the individual mind-filter of a person and their individual level of social competance. With this knowledge will it be possible for other persons, in diverse social settings and systems, to understand why this person acts in a certain way. It is an analysis of the current state. It is very interesting to monitor how perception of children changes over the years. We want to help them become what makes them happy. For example - a kid with a high level of visionary/creatice perception will not probably be happy as a controller. To proof this approach we need to build best practice examples (with schools, teachers, companies, students and parents) and monitor and reflect the findings.

Target group and social impact
We strive to open people´s minds for the importance of understanding each other and that pursuing real happiness is not a pursuit for money or any other extrinsic reward. In addition they receive a solid basis for organizational evolution and an idea how CHANGE can really be achieved. Targets Students/Jobseekers-will have the chance to match their analysis with other people and may find out in what job/position the may find happiness. Teachers-will have the chance to understand their students and may adapt their way of commincation accordingly. Parents-can understand each other and the reason way their children/partner react the way they/he/she do. Companies-Will have a pool of applicants (experts and students) and may match their requirements against the available human capital.

Competences of the applicant
Team: 1. Michael: Theologian / Businessman / Sociologist / Programmer 2. Jörg: Business-Engineer / Working-Climate and Management-Theory Enthusiast 3. Axel: Businessman / Numbers-Nerd / Controlling All: Experience in consulting and Innovation Management.

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