WebshopLogin SSO - Manage your privacy settings!
 Posted on 25/04/2014 - 07:53
Idea Outline
More webshops are profiling users in order to personalise their content. Shoppers have no knowledge or control over this.WebshopLogin wants to solve this by creating a Single-Sign-On service/plugin for users to manage their privacy settings & rights.

The Challenge
3. Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement. More and more people use the Internet for shopping, but have no real idea how their personal data is used by webshops. WebshopLogin, empowers shoppers online to have a better understanding of how and by which organisation their personal data is used in order to empower them to control their privacy rights i.e. newsletter subscriptions and settings with regard to cookies and terms and conditions. 7. Other: Empowerment of secret login entry data. Nowadays many webshops and organisations have personal account login entry information at their disposal. Many times users do not create unique combinations of password and account names. In order to remember they use existing combinations. This heightens the risk of loss and misuse of login data.

The Solution

The idea of WebshopLogin (WL) is fairly simple though highly effective. Webshops can install a plugin code through which they offer their customers the opportunity of registering or login with the help of the WL single-sign-on tool. A WL account can simply be created via social login (e.g. facebook login). Webshops have the advantage of shoppers being automatically signed in (in case they want) and offer the service of shopping carts that already have all personal / address information filled in. Furthermore they receive valuable intelligence on who their visitors are and how their webshop is used. Online shoppers have the comfort, they can use 1 account for all webshops (this can also be their existing social account) and can manage the rights of the use of personal data i.e. cookies.

Target group and social impact
• Online shoppers, they have one account, and can better manage the use of their data. • Webshops, they simplify the checkout process, have better understanding of who their customers are and can communicate a saver online shopping experience • Society, by empowering online shoppers to better manage privacy settings like cookies. • eCommerce industry, they can improve their image with regard to data management and user rights.

Competences of the applicant
Applicant is expert in developing ecommerce websites and intelligent ecommerce tooling. In the past applicant developed, backend integration api's with both administrative, inventory systems, and a reseller platform technology, as well as several magento plugins.

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    I don't see what this brings us more than existing technologies OpenID and Persona.