Posted on 24/04/2014 - 14:33
Idea Outline
An innovative interactive platform (IP) to manage social and local communities, with the aim of integrating the business community with public institutions for collective social and environmental benefits.

The Challenge
David Shing, Digital Prophet, predicts the end of the generalist virtual community: it will be increasingly felt the need to set up specialized communities with specific goals. In the future the virtual communities will be specialized (sporting, scientific, etc.) and/or local (social street network). The assets of each community are complex and coordination with effective management tools is needed. As a matter of fact the activities of each community can exercise a social functionality for the benefit of society. The goal of this IP is to effectively manage the community, coordinate activities and achieve a social benefit by creating new economic and social opportunities. Three objectives will be jointly achieved: governance, social, business.

The Solution

The group intends to develop an IP to efficiently organize the activities of specialized and/or local communities, making it possible to establish a direct relationship with public institutions. Each community can organize its own specific activities and, at the same time, exercise public utility functions (e.g. a runners’ community can agree with the police or with the Municipality to schedule workouts in certain areas or time zones to support crime prevention and control). The main features of the IP will be a website and a mobile app, including a GIS interface, a calendar, a voting system, a planning tool, video conferencing, and other innovative devices (drones, etc.).

Target group and social impact
The use of this innovative IP allows the efficient management of a community (sporting, artistic, etc) for its own activities and the exercise of public utility functions through a shared governance system (shared with public institutions). Many activities will contribute to the prevention of social “evils and dangers”: petty crime, environmental degradation, pollution, poaching, fires. Furthermore, the use of some innovative devices (Google glass, micro camera, wireless streaming, video conferencing, drones) will enable the development of entrepreneurial activities socially shared, managed directly by the communities. All this will help to create a bond of solidarity and mutuality within the community and between communities and society.

Competences of the applicant
Our team includes a consultant engineer with senior experience in hydraulics and environmental engineering, a geoscientist specialized in environmental modeling and a Senior electronic engineer with over 30 years of experience in the design of the mobile and landline telephone networks serving numerous multinational companies.

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