SocialSports – Engage socially while doing sports
 Posted on 27/04/2014 - 11:19
Idea Outline
Our idea is to combine sport activities with social engagement and mediate between active and needy people. SocialSports shows, where help is needed, e.g. for buying grocery or bringing a letter to the postal box for neighboring elderly persons.

The Challenge
In our society there is a growing need for social engagement. Elderly people for instance often need support for daily activities such as buying grocery, bringing letters/packages to the postal office etc. Many people would like to engage socially, but often do not know where and how they can help or do not have the time for regular and long-term volunteer work. Consequently, there’s a need for opportunities to engage spontaneously. Many active people also like to do sports, but often a goal and motivation are missing although they want to live healthy and physically active. Thus, we need ideas to support people to reach these aims with moderate time-effort. The main question is: How can we enable persons who are willing to help to combine physical activities with social engagement?

The Solution

The intended solution SocialSports is a platform showing where help with errands is needed, which gives people a goal for their bike or running tour. A mobile app (similar to common fitness apps, which are booming) with an interactive map is used to show and select help requests, calculate routes, control ones sport activities, provide further motivational elements etc. We plan to:
- Develop a platform acting as a broker between active and needy persons with an accompanying sports app with motivating (gamification) elements and features to see help requests, calculate routes considering different parameters…
- Integrate appropriate ways to make help requests
- Implement appropriate security and privacy mechanisms
- Integrate additional services such as free bike rental minutes as incentive

Target group and social impact
There are two major target groups who benefit in different ways: I. Persons who are (temporarily or permanently) not able to leave the house or walk long distances. These might be elderly persons, persons with physical limitations or persons who can't leave the house because they care for a sick child or relatives. They benefit from getting their everyday errands done as well as from the social contacts established with the helpers. II. Persons who want to live healthy and be socially active benefit from SocialSports by: 1) Receiving a goal and motivation for the sports activities 2) The control features of the app regarding their physical activity 3) The good feeling to be needed 4) Moderate time-effort 5) No need for long-term commitment 6) Further incentives 7) Social contacts

Competences of the applicant
Having long-term experience in HCI and interactive technologies with the aim of creating highly usable, enjoyable and smart forms of interaction our research focuses on: Information Visualization, Intelligent Interactive Systems, Playful & Social Interaction, UI Engineering & UX Research For this project especially the competences we've gained from AAL and health-related projects are relevant.

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