Community car sharing
 Posted on 25/04/2014 - 13:10
Idea Outline
Community car sharing for which a smartphone application will be developed to use within a predetermined group of people/organizations to share a car. Functions include among others: (un)locking cars, reservation, administration and streaming music.

The Challenge
With the urbanization trend, pollution and effective use of space in cities is a growing concern in Europe. Laws and actions are increasingly emerging in countries (i.e. restriction of polluted cars in cities, growing CO2-neutral neighborhoods). The extensive use of cars contribute to the pollution and space problems due to its gas emissions and necessary parking space. Dutch research shows that a car is preferred for transportation (49% in #, 73% in km) but isn’t daily used. Car sharing is the solution, since less (polluted) cars need parking space and people only use the car when necessary instead of convenience or habit. But, people experience inconvenience with current car sharing: missing car keys, administration of driven kilometers, unknowing users and no personalization possible.

The Solution

The community car sharing application offers the solution, which is in line with the trend of a sharing economy in which people only pay for use. App functions are: car reservations, car key (via Bluetooth and hardware), automatic administration of driven kilometers and music on the smartphone can also be easily streamed to the music system in the car, enhancing the personalized experience. Also, drivers are stimulated to take care of the car by using a pointing system in the app. Because people are more likely to share a car if the other driver is known, the idea is to offer a group of persons (i.e. neighbors) or organizations ( i.e. within a multi-tenant building) its own car(s) for sharing. The award will be used to explore this market idea and the necessary technological development.

Target group and social impact
The social impact of the community car sharing application is essentially very broad, since it offers an environmental and sustainable solution to pollution and space problems caused by travelling by car. The application will firstly be used within the Netherlands since car sharing is further developed within the Netherlands. The application can be easily translated and distributed to people or organizations in Europe that want to share a car within a community.

Competences of the applicant
Arval is a multi-brand leasing company. They advise clients on a daily base on efficient use of their mobility. Furthermore Arval has its own IT development team that develops their own extensive software application that it currently used for administrating various data related to car leasing and informing car drivers and owners of the cars.

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    Very good initiative!

    Very good idea,

    -Paying only when you use the car.
    -Environmental strong idea, considering that cars are one of the greatest pollutors of the world.
    -Interesting to use the car with a smartphone. Who doesn't have one?

    Good luck!