80+ - Over 80’s online health and welfare project
 Posted on 27/04/2014 - 08:28
Idea Outline
Online wellbeing monitoring of people aged 80 plus years using tablet computers. Using touchscreen, the client could enter health or other concerns which could be remotely monitored by a carer. Help or support could then be offered, if needed.

The Challenge
Elderly people aged 80 plus years can be reluctant to inform their healthcare providers, carers, family or friends when they have problems or need advice or information. Minor health difficulties, low food stocks at home or housing repairs can be stressful and challenging for elderly people. Small health concerns can worsen and become health problems, care needs can go unreported and minor house repairs left attended until they become hazardous. Using online reporting, the elderly person could log a problem or concern. This could be accessed by a carer, family member or friend who, on reading the information, could action an appropriate solution. This could range from a reassuring phone call up to essential medical aid. Online reporting could be done using a tablet computer.

The Solution

An online log where an elderly person can enter concerns about their health, care or housing. The log can also be accessed by a carer.

This is not an alternative to existing care, but a process where non-urgent situations can be assessed.

Elderly people can be reluctant to seek advice if they think their situation is unimportant. This project will ascertain if an online log accessed using a tablet computer is a practical and acceptable way for an elderly person to communicate their concerns.

The project will source software and computers. Participants for a project trial will be instructed in computer operation and software access. Privacy issues with be addressed.

If the project develops, computers can be funded by individual clients with financial aid sought for those on low incomes

Target group and social impact
Project beneficiaries are people aged 80+ years who can seek information on or report non-urgent health, care or housing concerns using a easy online reporting form. This data could also be accessed by an authorised person who could offer help or support. There is provision for elderly people to report major health or care issues, but there can be reluctance to record minor issues as this may convey a lack of independence. The project will confirm if recording information using a tablet computer removes reluctance by an elderly person to log minor concerns, which can then be monitored by a carer or other authorised person. To make the project sustainable, computers and software will be funded by clients. To ensure social inclusion, participants on low incomes will need financial help.

Competences of the applicant
The applicant has worked in the non-profit sector and has direct experience of projects serving elderly people, including transport and mobility services. The mobility project was initiated by the applicant and included market research, securing funding, project launch and sustainability. The applicant also initiated and supported partnership working to ensure the project’s sustainability.

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