The City Game
 Posted on 28/04/2014 - 20:43
Idea Outline
What if a game could drive real-world actions, real social & environmental change?TheCityGame motivates towards doing socially & environmentally good actions.It gives users the opportunity to have fun & get rewarded for performing responsible actions

The Challenge
TheCityGame is an app where users learn about meaningful actions, have fun, & get rewarded while making a difference.It is the platform for doing environmental & social good.At the same time it offers commercial partners a platform to empower users, while achieving marketing and CSR goals.TheCityGame, works with brands & organizations to develop campaigns/apps around motivating and rewarding sustainable actions.It is solving the 3 reasons why people who understand the need for doing good, end up not.Doing good is neither rewarding (tangibly or psychologically), nor measurable; one wouldn’t really know their action’s impact.TheCityGame enables its users to do good by creating a fun social experience; users keep track of their contributions, achieve goals, & get rewarded for their efforts.

The Solution

TheCityGame app is the way users discover in a fun way the sustainable actions they can perform and find the physical locations where these actions can be verified in order to earn points.Much like a game, the application randomly presents missions to users multiple times a day, giving them the option to choose which ones to complete in order to maximize the points awarded.We are focused on building citywide pilot games by manually selecting and on-boarding partners in Athens & Amsterdam.The keys to success for this phase are getting metrics around user acquisition, retention, and the ways that motivate towards daily usage & action performing.This process is the basis for acquiring the learnings needed to create a replicable and automated machine ready to scale and take off in new cities.

Target group and social impact
TheCityGame is a “serious game” that puts users into a quest for performing good actions and eventually creating a habit out of it. Users participate every time they recycle packaging, batteries or electronic devices, donate shoes and clothes, use public transportation, keep utility bills low or learn through quizzes. Every accomplishment is measurable, rewarding and sharable, all of which are key factors to create a new, consistent, and loyal behavior. Eventually users achieve a social status of how “good” they are. TheCityGame helps behavioral change towards a sustainable living where citizens participate for the social good.Brands, organizations and businesses participate by creating missions within the game in order to support sustainable initiatives, and collect valuable material.

Competences of the applicant
Ioustinos Sarris, CEO & co-founder of theCityGame is a serial entrepreneur.For the last 7 years,he has worked on various startups,two of which were his own.TheCityGame in 2014 was part of Rockstart Smart Energy accelerator,as well as StartUpChile family.He has a great mix of skills; technical&coding background, business sense and project management.He is close to two worlds that need to be bridged

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