Foodsharing:productive surpluses to those in need
 Posted on 30/04/2014 - 20:57
Idea Outline
FoodSharing allows reducing food waste by redirecting food surplus towards those who are in an obvious condition of economical disadvantage.The idea is the creation of a virtuous circuit where agents interact in order to achieve solidaristic purposes

The Challenge
The economic crisis has an extremely rough impact on middle/low classes, which have been obliged to reduce even the consumption of basic foods. The virtuous circuit introduce this advantages: 1)productive surpluses and unsold quantities of goods belonging to the food market can be redirected towards people in need instead of being thrown away and/or destroyed. Companies involved in production and distribution will be able to reunite the economical aspect with the solidaristic one. 2)charity associations will have the possibility to achieve a social purpose thanks to such effects coming from the creation of a web that allows knowing the amount of surpluse and that of demand 3)the useful placing of productive surplus, that already admits less waste, also favours environmental safekeeping

The Solution

Foodsharing creating an online web for tenderers(producers,restaurateurs..),charity organizations and people in need.
Tenderers will be able to publish freely the food surpluses and based on conservation modalities the system will present them to the organizations with all the details of the offers and methods of accessing them.A notification regarding the food supplies will be received by the participants.Thanks to geolocation,smartphones will be able to track down the closest organization where the pick up can be operated freely.People in need,will be able to choose the closer organizations and to send them a subscription pre-request,will become effective at of the first food supplies pick up.Organizations will also have free publicity,aside from social benefits and associates increase

Target group and social impact
FoodSharing creates a virtuous circuit allowing agents - individuals, organizations, tenderers - to interact between them, creating economical advantages ad opportunities and synergies destined to create positive effects on a higher scale. The exchanges between different agents would produce evident advantages to the associates, as in who disposes of surpluses can usefully redirect them towards people that need them most. Therefore, it would be a form of income increase, that aside from the economical aspect, also reveals an extended form of solidarity that with no doubt operates for a wider cohesion and social acceptance. The virtuous process, once settled, will extend its benefits on the environment as well. Useful placement of surpluses reduces waste, therefore garbage.

Competences of the applicant
AmBeCom is an enviromental friendly association with environmental safeguarding purposes, archeological safekeeping and ecofriendly economical activities advertising. Members with informatical, agroindustrial, economical and legal background (engineers, agronomists, economists and attorneys ) participated at the birth of the idea of this IT system.

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