Posted on 06/05/2014 - 15:53
Idea Outline
Share your skills - grow your mind. HeadSwap is the world’s tutoring and education community. Swap thoughts, skills, hobbies and crafts in your local community or around the world. The everyday university run by everybody.

The Challenge
Access to education, intergenerational disconnect, isolated living, and cultural misunderstanding are some of the most fundamental social issues in our society. Despite the incredible knowledge that exists, there is a danger learning is becoming too impersonal and too expensive. At the same time everybody carries around so many talents and skills, there are experts everywhere, incredible stories and experiences in the person's head right next to you. With people living more isolated lives than ever, we find less and less opportunities to really connect. So how do we connect the people asking questions, to the answers all around us. We can learn so much from one another, if we just connect.

The Solution

HeadSwap draws on key features from across the ‘sharing economy’ (Couchsurfing, airbnb, Covoiturage) in order to create a community of people who want to learn and share. Simply sign up, create a profile with interests and skills and an advanced search finds and suggests people in your area with whom you can swap. Users discuss a meet up: online, in a pub, at home: once or weekly. A comment section and identity verification process provides tight security.
The money would be used to develop the initial business plan and to liaise with groups that currently work locally such as the Transition Town network, The University of the Third age and other educational NGOs in order to generate the user base required for critical growth, along with creating the minimum viable product to run trials.

Target group and social impact
The site facilitates communities meeting and sharing. It helps education flow, and people come together around shared interests: developing insight, understanding and facilitating community engagement. It also aims to foster links between otherwise isolated demographics. For instance retired and mature users may wish to share experiences or skills they have developed over their working life for some help with signing up to flashy new “sharing economy” websites. In this way the application would also seamlessly work for groups and individuals alike. It would also help people who wish to get introductions into different aspects of culture; a different language or cuisine from the different local communities who may otherwise not interact despite living in the same town.

Competences of the applicant
The applicant applies through a start up that aims to develop software and consultancy tools using the programming platforms of Wolfram Developments. With experience in web development and NGO work, an understanding of the Transition Town networks and University of the Third Age, and personal experience of using the sharing economy, we have a firm foundation for making the most of the investment.

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  • Knowledge Society and Education
  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

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    This is a simple idea which will help to link people both locally and globally to share skills and ideas across generations and cultures.
    It could help to reduce isolation and loneliness and help people to integrate into new communities while also sharing knowledge.
    I would utilise this.

    not really innovative. but solid idea

    Headswap is a great idea and provides a much needed platform to facilitate the promotion of informal and non-formal learning to a variety of different audiences. The proposed initiative has much potential to address a range of societal difficulties including youth unemployment, skills gaps in the labour market, isolation and loneliness for older people and the breakdown of community ties and links. Overall it’s a fantastic idea and one worthy of serious consideration.

    This is a vey clear and promising proposal. It has the potential to facilitate social inclusion and will be particulary attractive for those engaged and familiar with the "sharing" economy.
    Idea, style and approach are already highly congruent, which gives the proposala high entrepreneurial credibility and potential.

    I think this could be very useful in building real world and virtual community and friendships. Transfer of traditional skills between generations would reduce social isolation in older people if you could get them involved.

    Seems an exciting and innovative proposal. Could be a great addition to more formal adult education.

    I think this is a very important initiative. It has great potential for both younger students and professionals wanting to learn new skills, and older people with spare time and willingness to share their experiences.

    This draws on the real potential for intergenerational learning and for the effective transfer of skills between people who may or may not share interests at the point of engagement. It offers a useful platform for work with and between NGOs.