Wanna TaucTo me?
 Posted on 06/05/2014 - 16:25
Idea Outline
Access the best mentors you need for what you need through a live video conversation and get the best tips to keep your startup growing.

The Challenge
We follow a lot of people that are awesome. We read what they write in their blogs, watch their videos and study their tutorials. But then, you reach a point where you would love to meet, learn or share with them. You can try to send them an e-mail or write them a tweet. Probably, they will not answer. So, our long-term plan will be to create a platform open for everyone that would like to offer a conversation with them. But we need to start with a concrete niche to ensure the metrics we get are valid. The sort-term is to begin with the startup ecosystem because it’s a field we know well. We recently participated in Tetuan Valley pre-accelerator program and we know about some mentors that are just willing to offer their time and give conversations and a bunch of startups interested.

The Solution

Taucto provides you with a way to come into contact with mentors and people around the startup ecosystem you want to meet. Search for the person you are interested in communicating with. Create a public request or sign on to invite him to create a campaign. The more people that join the same petition, the more incentive there will be for the interested person. When he has accepted, TaucTo builds a generic campaign and he decides what to offer and the prices he wants to charge. Get the perk you are looking for and buy it! Initially, campaigns will be videoconference oriented, so the main perk will be a live video conversation with the person you would love to meet. Also by doing this you will be contributing to a good cause, because part of the proceeds will be donated.

Target group and social impact
TaucTo is open to all kinds of experts, we are not focused only on crazy-famous people and we encourage any person, that has something to offer, to join us. Other platforms are mostly focused on offering workshops, video lectures or MOOCs, their goal is not the same as our. We are going to give people the opportunity to get personalized, one-on-one consultations and best advices for their own startup. Also there are platforms where you can get help from people with expertise across a range of topics, but we are really focused around the startup world. Even more, we are going to give people the ability to reach out and request what mentors they want in TaucTo proactively. They don’t have to wait for them to already be signed up.

Competences of the applicant
Pablo is CEO and visionary for this new and exciting communication platform. He’s in charge of marketing and sales. Javier is CTO. He’s the geek and he’s going to develop and care about metrics. Although it´s strange, he’s one of the few who value functional over perfect, and will therefore be able to pivot quickly to make sure we develop the platform our users want and need.

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