Posted on 02/04/2014 - 12:39
Idea Outline
The project aims to select NGOs and help them reach their dreams with Digital Marketing strategies focused on volunteering and social engagement .

The Challenge
Our target is small and medium NGO in Brasil which usually are not prepared to show and "sell" their results to get funds and volunteers to help them spread their impact. So most of the time they end up closing their activities. Unfortunately, companies cant help if they don't see the Return of Investment, and with small NGOs this barely happen. So there a huge list of NGO that we are willing to help and space to grow.

The Solution

The project idea is to make intense training for one week at the several NGOs around Brazil . We will provide a digital marketing strategy using visual tools and configure the minimum set of platforms for them like website, mailing and social media and Google Grants. We will use a independent approach where the NGO will learn how to use it and wont be dependent on us or any other Agency. We also will provide support with email and Skype for that.

We expect to help 15 NGOs during 2014 in Brasil and have plans for Latin America in 2015. Also, now we are building a pool of volunteering to help us to achieve all goals with small activities during the week at NGOs and build our 'Step by Step Process'where any Organization can apply. The platform will be in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Target group and social impact
Any Small and Medium NGO in Brasil with OSCIP ( Government certificate)

Competences of the applicant
I Graduated in Computer Engineering at University of São Paulo ( Best University of Latin America) and after working for almost 3 years, I quit my job to travel Asia for 18 months to develop this project. I have strong skills in marketing, project management and leadership. However my best qualities are following my heart and focus on social change better than only on profits.

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    There is no focus on the european union?! Why is scuh a project listed here? It is not matching to an european topic.