ActiGet - an regional activity index
 Posted on 16/05/2014 - 15:17
Idea Outline
Born from a rural aspect, elderly people in countryside area's have difficulty to find activities suited for them. Share suitable activities through a mobile plafrom based on your own profile .

The Challenge
When people getting on age it is more and more difficult to take a role in the social community. Loneliness can get into their lives. Get in touch with your kind of people getting harder, information is available from all kind of media, but can be a difficult task when you're age getting you in trouble. Loneliness can be fighted with group activities to enrich your life, keeping you fit. Simple activities like a bridge group, or a more specialized sportive activity for the elderly. If you finally found a suitable activity it turns out that there is no assistance on the location to help you getting there. It was only intended for more young people, there are no peers. There is always a lack of Information about the activities in the local papers and if they are suited for you.

The Solution

With ActiGet you can take a part of this problem away.

A regional platform through which the providers of activities (healtcare, communityservice, elderlyhomes etc) and the consumer, in this case a special group of persons, can match the activities based on a profile. Throug alerts you will be informed. If necessary persons can be invited to join activities.

An easy to create profile with specialized attributes and categories to get the right filtered activities.
A portal to enter regional\locally activities (with extra attributes for the intended group)
A platform to hold a database of activities
Various signaling functions.
A link to transportation options.

Target group and social impact
Elderly Organizations which organizing activities Healtcare Elderlyhomes Transport organizations

Competences of the applicant
Last 15 years involved in productdevelopment for social housingcompanies. Involved in several projects from mobilesoluions to contactcenter tools. Involved in Domotica projects and have a connection with the German project Stay@home to let people live longer at there own place. Skills:Software- and productdevelopment, entrepreneurship

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Social Category
  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement
  • Health and Demographic Change

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  • Geolocation
  • Mobile
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