Babele create togther (open business planning)
 Posted on 13/05/2014 - 16:08
Idea Outline
Babele is an online platform helping entrepreneurs structure their ideas into a business plan collaboratively by getting feedback from other entrepreneurs and mentors.

The Challenge
We aim to bring the same revolution that open source did to the IT sector, by applying crowdsourcing to business creation. Babele offers the necessary tools for the collaborative creation, management and implementation of sustainable projects. In this period of global recession, an open innovation center will enable entrepreneurs from all over the world to believe in their ideas and make them real and realize them with the community. We do not need to reinvent the wheel each time, and using collective intelligence to improve each other projects, get inspired and implement solutions that work somewhere else in the world is a great way to realize it.

The Solution

We launched the platform in September 2013, we currently have 1200 members, 280 projects coming from 39 countries. We aim to make the platform as collaborative as possible so that it is really helping entrepreneurs realize more sustainable projects and get inspiration from already existing solutions.

There is a true challenge in offering an online platform that people really use. We focus at the moment in improving the activity in the platform and making it as intuitive as possible.
We recently launched a feature dedicated to communities, so that organizations like startup incubators, universities or even companies create their own community inside Babele. We need financing to continue the development & improvement of Babele.

Target group and social impact
The focus of Babele is on sustainable development projects, and it is driven by the consideration that our society needs to rethink the whole concept of growth, leading to introduce new variables as part of the business development process. By injecting the principles of sustainable development into innovation, we believe that a new generation of start-ups could lead the way to a new era of economic prosperity, environmental quality and social equity, meeting the needs of present society without compromising resources for future generations.

Competences of the applicant
We are a team of 3 people. Emanuele Musa and Ruxandra Creosteanu are in charge of the business development. The concept of Babele was the subject Emanuele's master thesis in Brazil. Paul Ivanov is the technical lead and is in charge of programming the platform.

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    Hi. good idea. But we already have several of these platforms (crowdfounding). in Italy are more than 50. Maybe you need to start making a network of these platforms.

    Idea Submitter

    Our platform is not about crowd-funding, but about crowd-sourcing ideas, you do not give money, but you contribute with your ideas, skills, knowledge and network.
    There are indeed platforms of open innovation, but they do not provide a proper structure for the ideas, very often you describe your idea, and you say what you need/look for.

    What we want to achieve is really open source business planning, where people describe their strategy. This helps individuals structure it, but also helps others understand it better, so that they can contribute concretely and precisely.