Languages In My City
 Posted on 13/05/2014 - 23:53
Idea Outline
Do you want to learn a new language but you do not have enough money or time? Are you in a new city looking for a job? Languages In My City helps you to find a language partner: meet new friends, learn new languages!

The Challenge
Knowledge of English as a foreign and second language in the EU member states is little more than 50%, which means than about half of EU population doesn’t speak English. For other languages the percentage is even lower. EU aims to join many countries, but language barrier is often a obstacle for citizens, that are less likely to move from a country to another. There are two main problem when one moves to another country: s/he doesn’t know anybody and, often, s/he doesn’t speak the local language properly. “Languages In My City” goal is to create a common virtual space where newcomers can overcome these difficulties and local people can befriend foreigners, improving their integration, mixing with other cultures, learning a new language and strengthening their European bonds.

The Solution

“Languages In My City” is a website where thematic dinners/breakfasts/chatting can be organized in a specific place, such as restaurants, pubs or for particular events (e.g. sports, trips, etc.), mixing together a number of city newcomers and of local people willing to know foreigners and speaking new languages. This would enables socialization and language learning at the same time, creating friendships that could last even after the event. Anyone can choose their own favorite location and type of event, enabling people with the same interests to meet, increasing the chances of continuing a good relationship over time, strengthening their bonds given the amusing circumstances they have met. In the future ad-hoc partnerships can be created to provide a wide spectrum of possible events

Target group and social impact
The beneficiaries are local people and newcomers, but also restaurants, pubs or event organizers in the cities. Newcomers can easily know local people and starting to learn the local language improving their integration. Local people can befriend newcomers, mix with other cultures, learn new languages and strengthening their European bonds, as well as finding new friends. Local restaurants, pubs or cafes could organize thematic evenings to attract people and increase their earnings. This kind of service would also make the city more attractive to foreigners, incentivizing them to move to the new city and enjoying their stay from the very beginning. Languages In My City sustainability lies in the payment of fees by event organizers or restaurant, pubs and cafes taking part to the platform

Competences of the applicant
“Languages In My City” has been submitted by 3 people. A web developer for the development of the website, a business expert for the business model development and a student for the social media marketing. We are all willing to travel and all of us have worked or studied in other countries in the EU, so we are well aware of the difficulties in the first period as a foreigner in another country

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