watch|ed - Social Vocational Education
 Posted on 14/05/2014 - 16:44
Idea Outline
watch|ed is a social platform for vocational education. It will create a new learning experience by combining aspects of gamification with interactive videos, project tasks and social media components.

The Challenge
While Massive Online Open Courses rapidly change the way we know Higher Education, the vocational sector is still in need of substantial innovation. A flexible but guided experience through blended learning is needed more than ever. The traditional vocational systems are failing too many young learners in Europe. Even in Germany, a country in which the vocational system is considered a backbone of the economy, just about 30% of all apprentices do not finish their three-year educational program. There is an evident lack of supportive systems that motivate young learners to rise to their potential and finish their training. The system, as traditional as it is in many countries, has not re-created itself with creativity and the willpower for transition. The time for watch|ed has come.

The Solution

watch|ed will give apprentices the chance to enroll in online-courses specifically designed to learn the factual knowledge needed to be successful while enjoying integral aspects of online-gaming. The courses will cover standard issues that have proven to be stumbling blocks in vocational training programs. Each lesson is taught by an instructor who is mainly communicating to the students via educational videos and live online-sessions. The learners will have to take tests which they are motivated to master by communicating to others in their field directly on the platform. Also, the apprentices are accompanied by teaching assistants, university students, who will correct the submitted tasks, stand-by for individual tutoring and address any problems related to attendance of the courses.

Target group and social impact
watch|ed will improve the vocational education system. It is designed to create a new playful level of learning for those involved in educational training programs. Thus, watch|ed will improve the job-performance, lower the discontinuation rate and make the smooth transition from the vocational program into regular employment much more likely. Also, companies offering the use of the platform to their apprentices will be a much more attractive employer and therefore draw young people towards their vocational programs. This way watch|ed will also help to improve the evident lack of skilled labor that has consolidated in many European countries.

Competences of the applicant
watch|ed is a collaboration of two organisations deeply embedded in the educational sector in Germany. Already working with many companies to improve vocational education, the need for IT-based change has become more and more obvious. We can draw on many partners and experts from different fields to work on this highly ambitious project.

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    Very important! Thank you for the idea.

    Schools cannot continue to seal themselves off from their students‘ Zeitgeist, but should instead start relating to the interests and skills of young people. This is a great project, that in my opinion seems to focus exactly on this issue.

    For the past two years, I've preached in my company that we should implement the worldwide success story of M.O.O.C. in the field of vocational education where possible. At the same time, the idea of strengthening knowledge by using concepts of gamification and project tasks brings new pathways to our future co-workers and experts in all fields.

    Like it is often the case with broad problems the components of a promising solution lay there in front of us. It just needs someone to pick them up and sort out the puzzle for us. From my perspective (I work as an instructor for a Swedish car company and have seen my share of approaches toward helping young trainees all over the world) the idea of watched is not only great. It's about time someone will take the next steps toward realizing them.

    Let's hope there'll be enough support to the folks behind this project.

    It is necessary to create innovative ways into education. This project is heading in the right direction!

    I highly recommend approaches of gamification in eLearning modules!

    Sounds like a very promising idea and great name by the way....

    You're right. However imho it's hard to see how the name is supposed to be pronounced... I can't help pronouncing it "watch. ed" (like two words). Or is it simply "watched"?