Digital Dinner Service for people in need of care
 Posted on 14/05/2014 - 15:16
Idea Outline
The idea is a smart integrated IT-solution (ERP-system) for the automation of processes around food delivery, to provide high-quality food and (social/medical) service at home or at central locations for (elderly) people in need of care.

The Challenge
Due to political factors and cost savings within the healthcare system, fewer people in need of care are accepted in nursing homes. Instead they are forced to receive care in their own home, resulting in two challenges. First of all people in nursing homes are part of a community and participate in social activities such as collective dinners. When forced to receive care at their own home, they may become isolated, resulting in loneliness. A second problem is related to food. People in need of care are not able to cook themselves and are dependent of others. In nursing homes they receive high-quality food, while at home this is not always possible. High costs and inefficiency of delivering single meals make these processes unprofitable for food suppliers, resulting in low-quality services.

The Solution

By means of an integrated ERP system, it will be easier for suppliers to schedule the most efficient route and provides real-time monitoring of processes. Social isolation problems can be solved (partly also the inefficiency problem) by offering meals at central locations, where people can enjoy meals together. Absence of social/medical control by nurses could be substituted by trained food-delivery personnel. Four main areas need to be covered: 1) Engineering: different menu every day; 2) Intake: customization of menus; 3) Production: translating intakes to production/purchase requirements; 4) Distribution: planning most efficient routes, accounting for a diversity of variables. This solution could be enriched by also distributing other (care-related) products for people in need of care.

Target group and social impact
People in need of care benefit most. They are both provided with an opportunity to escape social isolation and receive food of a proper quality, which both greatly improves their quality of life. Suppliers of quality food benefit as well, the ERP provides them with a possibility to deliver food in an efficient and profitable way. Others businesses may profit from the ERP-solution as well. With few adjustments it might be useful in comparable services like taxi services, pharmacies or mail delivery. This idea could prove to be a solution to the problems related to the overall aging of the (European) population, thus resulting in high social impact. With the average age of the population rising, the need for care increases, while (financial) resources related to healthcare are decreasing.

Competences of the applicant
SG Automatisering is a company located in Emmen, The Netherlands, that has over 30 years of experience in Automation and IT-services. By creating innovative custom-made solutions for governments, as well as profit and non-profit organizations they have the knowledge to be the leading party in this innovation.

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    Good idea that has great importance for a European problem that people should stay at home as long as possible. Doing so will not only save costs for the European tax payer. It also makes the life of people who need care more easy.