Emotional Journey
 Posted on 15/05/2014 - 21:49
Idea Outline
Emotional Journey is a customized set of holiday packages aimed at attracting more tourists in the EU, rediscovering and valuing territories and traditions also for local people who don’t really know the story of the territory they live in.

The Challenge
Tourism enormously affects the economy, creating new jobs and allowing localentrepreneur and Public Administration bodies to invest more and more, makingthe place more attractive year after year. Many kinds of tourism exist, e.g.tourism for families, for adventure or for nightlife, etc. Many places focus on justone kind of tourism, ignoring the others, even if the territory has a lot of hiddenresources that are not fully exploited and that slowly disappear from people’smemory. Preserving and valuing this kind of resources and cultural heritagewould result in a big advantage for the territory, leading to culltural, social andeconomic advantage for territorial development and preservation.

The Solution

Emotional Journey is a mobile application, in which to create emotional paths of the territory, such as paths of love, mystery,discovery, fun, etc. Territorial attractions and their distinctive traits and stories are enlisted. Once the places of interest have been collected,emotional paths can be created out of the specific user wishes, highlighting the most suitable for him/her and customizing his/her journey. This can be attract more tourists, especially from outside the EU and also to make local people fully discover their own territory, making them revive the story and the hidden secrets of their city and region. Territories would be fully explored, organizing personalized journeys and optimizing time and transportation, with an all-in-one solution.

Target group and social impact
Emotional Journey beneficiaries are both tourists and local people willing to discover attractions in the territory. Tourists can be attracted since they could choose in advance what emotional path(s) they are willing to follow and, then, Emotional Journey would automatically select time, date and reserve means of transport and tickets for the tourist, making early travel management easier, enabling them save time and easily choosing perrsonalized routes. This would lead to an increase of the number of tourists that would result in a higher economic value for the territory, enabling entrepreneurs and Public Administration to invest more money for sites restoration, resulting in high social and cultural value also for local people.

Competences of the applicant
In our team there are software developers, business managers, marketers, fashion designers and tourism passionate. We have all the skills necessary to develop the idea and would like to start in a smaller territory expanding then to national and EU territory. The award could be used to start marketing activities or creating partnerships with tourist attractions and cultural sites.

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