Posted on 16/05/2014 - 18:37
Idea Outline aims to a web platform where collecting information about doctors, giving patients a vast range of possible choices and allowing them to reserve a visit according to their needs.

The Challenge
More and more people are in need of medical care, but they sometimes are obligated to be seen by private doctors, given the cut to the public healthcare system in many EU countries. However people usually don’t know which doctor suits best to them in a particular field and in a close city. This usually results in a medical examination that doesn’t lead to the expected results, since the selected doctor might not be the most suited to solve the patient’s health problem. Thus, not only the patient has to pay for the medical examination, but also for another one to a doctor that better covers the particular health problem. This issue, together with the decreasing salaries and the high cost of a specialist doctor, can be solved by

The Solution

The main idea is to create a web platform, where doctors can have more visibility and publicize themselves easily and, at the same time, they can better manage patients booking and specific requests through this web platform. On the patients’ point of view, they can easily find the doctor that best suits the profile they are looking for or finding the cheaper, the closer or the available doctors in a chosen area. Patients can also give feedback on the treatment and tell their health problems and medical examination story, that could then be useful to other patients experiencing similar health problems. This award could be used to create a prototype of the web platform to be tested, starting on a local scale and expanding at national and EU level afterwards.

Target group and social impact
The main beneficiaries of this web platform would be both patients and doctors. Patients can find the right doctor for their health problems, thanks to the community stories and feedback in specific fields for the selected doctors, as well as finding the cheapest doctor in their zone or getting discounts after a number of medical examinations, as well as saving money due to the right doctor choice. Doctors can take care of all the patients matching their area of specialization and improving their performance while optimizing their time. Sustainability of the platform can be achieved by providing visibility to doctors and getting a small fee on patients booking, as well as publicizing drugs and drugstores on the platform.

Competences of the applicant idea has been developed by a 3-person team: a young engineering student, expert in software development and programming languages, a young business developer specialized in business and marketing and a housewife, that has inspired this idea, given her huge knowledge of the health sector flaws, having experienced a variety of health problems and the subsequent waste of money.

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