Fiorato – Mindfulness in Happiness
 Posted on 28/05/2014 - 15:38
Idea Outline
Fiorato is an online application aiming to decrease stress and lead to a more positive and mindful work atmosphere. Using gamification, happiness is objectively measured and positive psychology is applied, resulting in an increase in productivity.

The Challenge
Stress and a negative work atmosphere are big influencers of absenteeism. Positive feelings, resulting in higher levels of happiness, on the other hand are great influencers of efficient and effective working. For one out of three incapacitated employees, psychological complaints are the main reason. Both for the employee and the employer these situations are extremely undesirable. Furthermore, absenteeism within the workplace has great economic impact on society due to related medical costs and a reduction of economic productivity. Unfortunately, current methods to influence and measure happiness in order to prevent stress and psychological complaints of employees do not offer a satisfying result. This implies the need for a new and more accessible solution.

The Solution

Fiorato is a 'serious game' which can be played on mobile devices and consists of different exercises & meditation tools. By playing the game on a daily basis happiness can be objectively measured (through advanced algorithms) and helps to increase positive feelings. Main parts of the game are: 1) Meditation based on mindfulness;2) The diary of happiness to become more aware of positive moments; 3) The happiness-meter which measures happiness & selects the right exercises for effective use.
Users can interact with each other (e.g. by awarding 'digital presents' to colleagues who seem stressed) or can use the app individually. Each part of the game is scientifically validated by psychological experts. The award will be used to assess market opportunities in both work- & personal settings.

Target group and social impact
Every company may use the app, however it is especially recommended for employees in stressful environments and with high pressure or responsibility. The app is used on a daily basis, however a few minutes a day already are sufficient for substantial results. The product has the potential to greatly decrease stress and psychological complaints in the work atmosphere and increase efficiency in the workplace. This may benefit companies/employers, employees, as well as the society as a whole. Use of the game may also be relevant for individuals outside the workplace. Possible target groups may be individuals who suffer from depressions or other psychological issues related to highly negative emotions or mindset. This 'serious game' may therefore also present highly relevant social impact.

Competences of the applicant
BcomeVital ( is an ICT and gaming company focused on mental health. They work together with 2 partner companies. Psychology company (Maarsingh & van Steijn) and psychiatry company (Molemann) focused on new media treatment solutions. This alliance both has the technical skills to develop the app and the scientific background and data to ensure the app is scientifically validated.

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    A fun and realistic way to solve a problem which is known in almost every organization. I think this can change a lot of people and the way they think.

    Good luck, it looks good!

    The idea already makes me happier!

    An app for rewiring the brain for positivity and happiness to create a pandemic of wellbeing, attractive idea!

    Pandemie van geluk ........ mooi man

    Mijn stem heeft dit idee!


    There is a sure way to be happy at work: earn more 'money! :)

    het is zo leuk dat je door jezelf beter te voelen je omgeving kunt beinvloeden. doet me denken aan sterrenstof of de beweging van de vleugels van een vlinder :)

    What a great idea!

    Dit lijkt me een fantastische app. Aan dit spelletje wil ik graag verslaafd raken! Veel succes.

    Prima idee!!

    Being in a mindfulness training I experienced the effect of the three main parts of the game "1) Meditation based on mindfulness;2) The diary of happiness to become more aware of positive moments; 3) The happiness-meter which measures happiness & selects the right exercises for effective use. "
    Let's make this world more positive!

    Mooie app! Ben benieuwd hoe de app in gebruik is. Succes!

    Prachtig en praktisch idee waarbij gebruik wordt gemaakt van bekende interventies in combinatie met moderne technologie.

    Promising concept, well worked out.

    Wat een super idee!! Ik wil de app graag proberen :-). Heel veel succes!!

    Super idee! Veel succes!

    Goed idee! Ik hoop dat het een succes wordt!

    Mindfulness seems to train the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and insula activation, among other brain regions, which are important for attentional control, emotional regulation and interoception (got excited and searched for scientific proof);

    That GNH-idea seems fun. Psychological well-being is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, just like staying active and eating healthily, according to Maureen Talbot of the British Heart Foundation:
    I'm getting more and more curious to this app!

    I wonder, is this all about GNH (Gross National Happines)? An app that can measure this concept, not only in Bhutan, but also in the western world could be very useful. Happiness and succes are intimately linked, see

    What a exciting idea! Can this app actually predict fysical health? If that's true, this is gold!

    Elkaar vitaal houden, hoe mooi is dat! Zowel verbindingen verbeteren (social community) als de eigen vitaliteit vergroten en dat allemaal via een digitaal middel. Top!

    Een zinvol idee voor een veel voorkomend probleem. Geweldig.

    we gaan het proberen

    Geweldig idee!

    Lijkt me een geweldige app; een innovatie waar we wat mee kunnen!

    Het lijkt me een erg handige app!! En dat het werkt is zeker!

    this app can become a positive virus in our work environment

    Makkelijk, toegankelijk en handig als je stressmeter omhoog schiet.

    geweldige app die kan bijdragen dat men met elkaar tot een hoger niveau komt!
    Ja, ik wil dit graag met mijn collega's testen!

    Mooi project! Ik ben in afwachting van de app en test deze graag uit :-)
    Groet, Janny

    nice app! This is it!

    Lijkt mij een interessante app!

    Puik idee!!!

    Mooi idee & makkelijk in gebruik!

    wauw. vitality in reality. great idea!

    Top idea, more energie in less time!

    Very promising

    Very good idea! success with developing this app!



    Interesting developments!

    great app

    I worked with the app. Worked like a charm and really gave the team some new insights.

    Wat nou een leuk initiatief!

    Great idea! I'd love to try this serious game, good luck with Fiorato (and a positive name as well ;-)).

    Good example of modern innovation and realistic out of the box thinking. Keep up the good job!

    This app makes me appy!