Connecting young people with galleries & museums
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 16:50
Idea Outline
The Tate Modern and Matmi digital agency, providing a digital device that will connect a new social audience to experience galleries and museums. Content based digital platform that will inspire and encourage learning through a social medium.

The Challenge
Museums and galleries have a societal remit to engage with a wider audience profile and in particular young people from different communities. For galleries to continue to accept financial assistance from the government there must be an institutional shift towards creating an innovative approach that will break down societal barriers and create an open access for all. A place where knowledge transfer is in touch with the audience digital footprint, with the ability to reward, inspire and measure engagement. This challenge is conceived around the Tate Modern’s new approach, to recognise, identify and target young people from the wider community. The cultural heritage of the UK is enshrined in galleries and museums, which reflect the economic, political and social foundation of Britian.

The Solution

The core product will investigate a number of solutions, for example, the concept may focus on a mobile/tablet application for use by individuals around various galleries and artistic spaces. The app could bring together a number of interactive features using augmented reality, gamification, geo-location, mechanics that informs and inspires young people to interact with art and culture to acquire knowledge whilst being entertained. The application could fulfil generic requirements that can be used in all art galleries across the UK. The game concept will lead users to information about the exhibits and provide various sharing options for social networking sites with rewards and incentives built into the application. Reserch data gathered will push this towards schools & universities.

Target group and social impact
The social and educational benefits will rest with the primary user group for which the concept is inspired around. Young people from different communities will view the experience and knowledge transfer in line with their digital footprint. Educationalist will be able to monitor and engage with the digital experience to encourage learning through a familiar medium. This can ultimately give a greater appreciation of the cultural heritage and can inspire the connectivity with literature, fashion, music etc. The benefits can go beyond the cultural industry in terms of meeting the new digital natives that will arrive in universities and have a different attitude and understanding of the digital world and an expectation to seamlessly connect through an educational app.

Competences of the applicant
The conceptual framework is based on personal research of Paul Walters undertaken with commercial and international educational institutions over the past three years. He also draws upon industry data and recent academic empirical research published within the last five years with Matmi the commercial partner, has won international acclaim and awards within the area of digital media in 2011/12.

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