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Idea Outline
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The Challenge
The electronic democracy refers to all those aspects that allow people to participate to the decisional processes. The experimental project of the electronic vote is included in a very evolving legislative scenario. The recent norms about the electronic documents offer the possibility to create an efficient and an effective Public Administration through the use of the Information Technology. In this context, thanks to the interconnection between the Public Administration and Internet, people can limit their physical presence in the Public Administration offices. The electronic vote idea is included in this scenario. Furthermore the most important objective is to understand if the use of an electronic electoral card allows to obtain an economic advantage compared to the traditional system.

The Solution

The electronic democracy system includes two different but complementary levels: the first one consist of the normal digital vote in a voting station through a computer. The second level consist of the online vote. This means the possibility to vote through an internet connection from every place in the world. These two projects are both feasible: a lot of experiments in Italy and abroad have showed this. Nevertheless both the two projects include security and identification problems. Probably in the future the two levels will come together. In this way, all the people can vote comfortably from his home or from a bar whereas people that don’t still have a computer will find one of it in the voting station.

Target group and social impact
The electronic vote is a very innovative idea that is also economically advantageous. It substantially decreases the electoral costs: a first cost reduction is esteemed in many millions of Euros. When people have voted is very simple to add the electoral preferences and so to obtain results: this allows to reduce the use of economic and temporary resources. Furthermore with the electronic vote government doesn’t need of all those paid people used as workers for the electoral days and also it doesn’t need to prepare all the necessary voting stations. The turnout at the polls should increase. The online vote has direct benefits for all the people, but especially for those that live abroad. Thanks to the electronic vote, they can vote from an embassy computer or even from their home.

Competences of the applicant
My name is Marco Pellegrino and and i have a bachelor in Economics. Actually i'm doing a Business Administration master. Thanks to my study i have developed competences in project management and team coordination. I have a good dialectical and organizational skills, indeed i'm part of a political party in Italy.

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