Lista della Spesa Virtuale ("L.S.V")
 Posted on 22/05/2014 - 11:37
Idea Outline
Our product allow customers to register any finished products that are needed to be purchased by their barcode.The list of products, later will be transferred by message to the customers' favourite dealer that will deliver the order or withdraw

The Challenge
Our project is born to help not only the olders or the ones with movement issues, But also to simplify shopping for everyone.Infact it will mostly reduce time needed to shop, giving people more free time.

The Solution

In case we win the prize us, we decided to investerlo in the production of other devices in industrial form. We also have some market research to see if the product could be successful and a forecast budget for the first four years of production.

Target group and social impact

Competences of the applicant

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    Bellissima Idea!

    Bellissima idea!

    Idea Submitter

    Grazie, speriamo di vincere... Aiutateci in tanti se volete che sia realizzata :)

    sono euforifco!

    Ma vale anche per i surgelati

    Idea Submitter


    Un idea innovativa! Mi piace molto perchè nonna è stanca e devo sempre andare io a fare la spesa.. Speriamo vinca!

    Idea Submitter

    Sosteneteci in tanti se volete davvero che sia realizzata!!!


    Good idea!

    Un supporto per le signore anziane che camminano poco e non possono faticare! ★★★★★

    Lo voglio anche iooooo!

    Best project of robotics EU!

    Idea Submitter


    ma che ti fumi? hai sbagliato progetto mi sa ahahaha

    Yes babe!

    ★★★★★ Best idea on the site!

    ★★★★★ Best idea on the site!


    forza il vaticano

    Is a good idea and it is more interesting, i really like L.S.V.

    i really like it

    Good idea!!!

    Good idea, will succeed.

    Well done! i like so much this brilliant idea.

    Good Idea

    Good idea!

    ★★★★★ Best idea on the site!