Retail and psychology meets digital healthcare
 Posted on 22/05/2014 - 13:51
Idea Outline
The development of effective, affordable and valued digital health products and services, developed with, and for, the citizen, to combat the growing challenge to European healthcare.

The Challenge
An unprecedented rise in the levels of chronic conditions over the next 25 year will result from connected factors: Life style related disease, loneliness and social isolation and an aging population. These combined with the effects of falling tax revenues from demographic change will present significant challenge to our healthcare systems which have evolved to tackle acute not chronic disease. Citizens do not typically want to be obese, lonely, isolated or for their chronic conditions worsen and yet our established health and care providers have a poor track record in helping our citizens in their want for effective means for prevention and self-management. This idea is needed in order to help our citizens stay healthy and happy and to reduce the burden on existing healthcare services.

The Solution

This idea proposes that learning from fields adept in influencing human behaviour is used to scope out opportunities for a new generation of digitally-enabled products and services that are affordable, effective and valued by the citizen. This work will involve liaising with patient groups and experts in retail (FMCG and consumer electronics), psychology and healthcare, along with new routes to market (high street pharmacies, third sector organisations, telecoms companies) to identify categories of consumer products and services that could be developed to support citizens in a way that established healthcare providers will struggle with, given reduced resources and increased demand. Outline business models will be drawn up that are sustainable (and not reliant on state funding).

Target group and social impact
This work will provide social benefit to the following groups: citizens who wish to stay healthy: those who wish to effectively manage their existing physical and mental conditions: the elderly and infirm. This work will scope out the nature of the product categories and the needs of the target audience with the intention of forming consortia to execute on development such that the health and social issues highlighted in the previous sections can be addressed using learning from fields that are adept in supplying consumer needs in mass markets by understanding people. Such products and services, delivered to these "mass markets", will ease the burden on state services; citizens will achieve higher levels of health and well being within strengthened communities using sustainable models.

Competences of the applicant
D Health is a consultancy specialising in digital healthcare. Its' founders have expertise in healthcare, life sciences, entrepreneurial activity and economic development gained within industry and the public sector. D Health has extensive networks incorporating the necessary organisations to execute this idea and offers particular experience in business modelling within this sector.

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