Celiac World: eat, drink and… have fun!
 Posted on 22/05/2014 - 17:52
Idea Outline
Are you a celiac looking for appropriate restaurants, pubs or bars? Do you want to eat anything you like without being conditioned? Here is the solution for you: free, smart and always in your pocket: Celiac World: eat, drink and… have fun!

The Challenge
Celiac disease has hit 8 million citizens in EU and this number keeps increasing every year. Food with gluten can cause serious damage to a celiac. The celiac both in their daily life and while traveling, need to know what restaurants, pubs or bars prepare meals suitable to them without conditioning their food choice. Not everybody knows that foods containing gluten can also be prepared in a gluten-free version. However, just a small number of places to eat prepare food for the celiac, so it gets hard for them to find a suitable place to be eating. This mobile app can ease celiac life without conditioning them and those who are with them, signaling where food suitable to the celiac can be found. This allows the celiac to eat whatever they want/need without inhibiting their social life.

The Solution

Celiac World: eat, drink and… have fun! is a mobile app that signals to the celiac what places to eat prepare also gluten-free food, providing them with a large variety of food to eat and without conditioning those who are with them. Restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, hotels, etc. can signal on this app what gluten-free food they prepare (if any). The celiac can easily find places to eat without limitations, just taking a look at the mobile app, seeing what places are nearby and, based on what they want to eat, choose the right place together with the those who are with them and even book the food.
Activities to perform: signal this app to celiac associations to widespread it and find places to eat willing to share information about gluten-free food (this can also be signaled by the community

Target group and social impact
The celiac can easily find places to eat, without being conditioned in their food choice, while restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, etc. preparing gluten-free food would be attracting more customers (either if they adhered to the mobile app or were signaled by the community): not only the celiac, but also their friends, family, partners, etc. In the future this app could be used also for supermarkets to easily find celiac food, as well as hotels. The profit for the mobile app would derive from advertisement and commercial agreements, following the TripAdvisor business model applied to a smaller segment of cooperation. A profitable exit strategy for “Celiac World: eat, drink and… have fun!” could be the acquisition by TripAdvisor.

Competences of the applicant
“Celiac World: eat, drink and… have fun!” team is composed of an engineer for the development of the app, a business developer, a person close to the celiac disease issue and a medicine student at university. We would like to run our own start-up based on this and other ideas for the disabled people, hoping to make life easier for everyone.

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