YOODOC - the world´s #1 healthcare marketplace
 Posted on 23/05/2014 - 18:22
Idea Outline
YOODOC is the world´s #1 healthcare marketplace online, listing all kinds of medical treatments, doctors and healthcare offers around your house and worldwide. We standardized 90% of all treatments, making prices comparable, also internationally.

The Challenge
„Where can I find a desired medical treatment? And how much will I have to pay for it myself, depending on my insurcance plan?“ Nobody knows the answer to these questions. Facing operation or another medical treatment, people have to rely on private recommandations or on to what their consulting doctor says. Searching online for a specific treatment gives you single Google results, but there is no portal to compare different service providers or therapies. Our mission is to improve transparency in the medical and healthcare industry, show offers and prices. (The market size of the worldwide healthcare services industry can be considered 150bn USD!) All we have to do is collect the offers, publish them and make sure, YOODOC gets known through the media. Prototype is up and running!

The Solution

With, we want to make medical services, therapies and prices more understandeable and attractive to the public. International language versions as well as further categories will be available through 2014, offering vaste possibilities to attract international patients from abroad ("medical tourism"). Booking flights, holidays, shoes and toys should not be everything you do on the web. Let´s go for healthcare! As we have categories going from surgery to beauty, prevention or dental care, every person can benefit from our website information. With home care, even the elderly. This service is scaleable from regional providers to a worldwide level, offering many more categories and monetarization models than we have evaluated at this point. We want to become the medical amazon.

Target group and social impact
Everybody would benefit from a more transparent healthcare system. What if you could choose from prevention offers starting at 19$, instead of going out for dinner? What if poor people could search for a medical treatment they can afford? Your insurance does not cover dental crowns? Well you still can get one if you pay for it! The social impact is enormeous, as YOODOC does not only list beauty treatments oder plastic surgery, but also dental care, prevention, physiotherapy or home care (to come). Our goal is to become, let´s say the medical amazon. Thus, combined with professional guidance, clarity, preliminary evaluation and credibility checks of the offers included. Millions of Americans do not have health insurance. They would love our service, among millions of others worldwide.

Competences of the applicant
Our team consists of proven web portal founders (SCOUT24 Group), IT pro´s and medical doctors. We have a specialized team for online marketing and a 15-year expertise in web applications. One of our co-founders has a PhD degree in database management and was awarded "IT company of the year 2013", another one is a former M.I.T. (Boston) alumni and McKinsey consultant with huge business expertise...

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