Posted on 23/05/2014 - 13:47
Idea Outline
Born from a new way of school, our desk will help you to teach and learn interactively. "Deciso" want to be the desk of the future with new technology, new design, new sharing content.

The Challenge
Although we are in 2014, the school system is years behind. "DECISO" with its cloud computing technology aims to improve the management and organization of the school. In what way? The cost of school supplies would be minimized helping to overcome the economic difficulties of the students. The desk would also make lessons more dynamic and "nice" increasing the level of student interest. "DECISO" encourage the sharing of ideas and materials among teachers and students with the opportunity to "bring home the lesson". This is the reason why there is a need to develop our idea and make it reality.

The Solution

"DECISO" will be a completely new school desk able to connect school and home through cloud computing. A functional and economical solution to take advantage of all the benefits of the network. By placing a processor Raspberry and working on the open source operating system Linux we will be able to create our product. If we will win this contest, our idea is to present our prototype and publicize it so that we can start production at industrial level and also creating a business plan for the company's first years of production.

Target group and social impact
Who will benefit of this product will certainly be the school systems of all the most innovative countries.

Competences of the applicant
The applicants are all students of Information Technology or Electronics in a secondary school.

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    Great idea. Awesome job. Good luck guys!

    Bellissima idea

    Bellissima iniziativa!

    grande IDEA , bravi ragazzi.

    Valerio mdm

    Che avete deciso?

    Mi vedo entusiasticamente a fare lezioni con questo.
    Complimenti, grande idea.