Posted on 25/05/2014 - 16:19
Idea Outline
FoodAlly allows citizens to easily get details, facts and scandals about alimentary products and companies. People can obtain verified information or simple hints offered by our community, just using their smartphone at the market.

The Challenge
The alimentary industry is dominated by big corporations who deliberately neglects people's health to pursue profits. They can manipulate people’s alimentary habits counting on uncomprehended data and hidden facts. Many people are usually confused by predominated faked data across internet that lead them to lose interest about the consumed food quality; others feel have enough details in order to make right choices, but often they are just cheated by adverts! e.g., last year a famous italian jam’s company that labels their products as "organics" was blocked in Japan due to high radiation level in one of their products. These kind of data (like many others about dangerous ingredients) is exactly what people would know but currently are unable to access verified and organized facts!

The Solution

We are going to develop a complete system (website & mobile app) that will manage wide kind of information for alimentary products. Our goal is to catalog most of everyday used alimentary products, providing useful nutrition data, composition of food and linking facts (studies and reports around ingredients, companies’ bad behaviors and scandals). The mobile app will get all alimentary data just taking a picture of product’s bar code. We are confident to receive huge support from the community in order to add/manage/catalog more data on our infrastructure. Every published data must have verified source: we are using wikipedia as inspiration. To improve user experience aside verified facts there will be a section for users opinions and suggestions (e.g., recipes, ranks and hints).

Target group and social impact
WHO WILL BENEFIT? Those european residents which are interested in at least one "alimentary topic" such as: health care, diet plan, save money, fare trade or childs nutrition. They will be able to obtain all information using their smartphone or pc. WHAT ARE THOSE POTENTIAL BENEFITS? We'll form an alimentary community which promote a responsible food consumption, boosting the choice of better qualitative products and informing people about dangerous ones. Many marks give major importance to decorative features such as presentation instead food quality contents. FoodAlly would help to promote those marks that give more importance to food quality than advertisements, i.e., towards "fear trade". FoodAlly helps to save money in the daily shoopping and it's cost free and available for everyone.

Competences of the applicant
We have been working with many open source projects from whom we have learned a lot of the community power. Ale is C++/C#/Java/Php/Mysql/Html/Css developer, linux server and big networks administrator, exherbo linux developer. Ric is C/Ada/Java/Php developer, db administrator, worked on various opensource projects(rtems, hi-lite, orekit) and developed software for bank industry(10 years).

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  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement
  • Knowledge Society and Education

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    Ottima idea! Conto di veder presto la app installata sul mio telefono!

    Bravo les mecs, c'est une tres grande idée et j'espère qu'elle ira de l'avant, sincèrement je n'y aurai jamais penser... vraiment tres originale :)

    Great idea !!!!! Congratulation ;)

    Great Idea.... Good Luck

    Awesome, great job!

    Great idea, hope you can implement it

    Great idea, realistic proposal. I hope you'll succeed in making your app go viral and get a strong community support. Good luck ;)

    Bellissimo progetto!!! Anche a me di notte piace mangiare un pezzo di formaggio sano ;-)
    In bocca al lupo di cuore

    complimenti è un progetto serio che aiuta la salute della gente è non è poco! vi auguro che vinciate. un in bocca al lupo!

    Se riuscite a realizzarla siete dei grandi!! :)

    the best

    the best idea in the world!

    Great idea... all my support!

    Awesome! Information is power.

    Terrific idea! Congrats

    the best !

    simple the best

    Excellent idea, as consumers we really need a way to collectively defend our quality rights!
    Thanks for this media.

    A ideia é excelente e o seria muito mais se funcionasse.

    Idea molto interessante e di grande valore.
    Meritate il massimo dei voti.
    Vi sostengo!

    we need more great ideas like this one

    Este proyecto es producto del pensamiento que hoy se encuentra en nuestra colectividad.
    Nosotros como informáticos lo único que hemos hecho es agrupar en un proyecto los temas relevantes que hemos discutido con ustedes; nuestros amigos críticos-constructivos.
    Esperamos poder construir una herramienta útil para nuestra comunidad
    porque después de todo "somos lo que hacemos", no lo que decimos/pensamos.


    Sounds great anyone in the World would find it usefull I want to see it working!!!

    great idea!! i´ll us it alot

    Awesome idea for health care in Europe!! Nice job

    Great Idea!!! :)

    è un'idea eccezionale! Vi faccio i miei più sinceri complimenti e penso che meritiate il massimo punteggio nella votazione.
    Questo progetto potrebbe portare davvero grossi vantaggi nella nostra società e ci aiuterebbe concretamente nella lotta contro il consumismo!
    Spero con tutto il cuore che vinciate perchè sarebbe bellissimo avere delle informazioni sincere sui prodotti, sui conservanti e sulle sostanze nocive che mangiamo senza saperlo, sul processo di produzione ecc.... Finalmente qualcuno che vuole fare ricerca per dire alla comunità come stanno le cose! Bravi!

    Idea Submitter

    Thank you very much for the support!! :)

    Good idea!!!

    Un'idea ottima, un'app essenziale per l'informazione al consumatore.
    Mi chiedevo proprio quando sarebbe arrivata di questi tempi

    Wow! I think this app will help people to know many issues about food goods they buy as it provides further useful information that are not easy to be found elsewhere. Congratulations guys!


    Yeah!!! I like it!