Posted on 25/05/2014 - 19:54
Idea Outline
After the earthquakes in the city of L'Aquila, Abruzzo region, central italy we want to involve young people and students in a project aiming at mapping vacant places or building that could be temporary used as social urban spaces

The Challenge
After the earthquake, social life in L'Aquila has deeply changed. We need to reinvent life in town every day to rebuild our relationships. Despite the social function of the project the innovative way of mapping vacant places or buildings using mobiles with android technology can be very educational for young people and students because it makes them an active part in the process of use and re-use in different ways different urban locations during the process od town rebuilding. Property owners license their sites and buildings to citizens while they are untenanted or are awaiting development. Together with the Municipality we can manage the short-term use, taking over basic maintenance. the project aims to give a positive contribution to the community

The Solution

There will be workshops aiming to provide students with know-how and basic tools to examine critically the oppurtunites given by technology in relation to the contemporary urban space. The final output is envisioned in the realisation of a digital crowdmap. Students will learn the functioning of mapping tools and then they will develop their abilities in using them. Then They will have to proceed to the mapping, after that to the evaluation and check of collected data and finally to the upload of data to the map. It’s a means of collaboration and healthy competition between innovators as ideas are shared and synergies are found. It is also a means of participation and creative expression because participants become an active part of the rebuild.

Target group and social impact
Students, young people and the whole urban community. The project will contribute to the social life of cities, fostering a culture of participation and production, encouraging people to go out and explore the city. This boosts the economy by connecting neighbourhoods and improving the streetscape by creating natural public gathering spaces. The income and spending on these sites is hyper-local and creates synergies with existing businesses. They express community character and provide authentic, place based tourism that is a point of pride for locals and a point of interest for visitors.

Competences of the applicant
I'm a professional teacher of English in a secondary school in my town and I'd like to promote the culture of participation in the community and the importance of digital tools in implementing citizens participation in urbal social life. Today everyone can give his/her contribution with a simple click in order to create a smart community in a smart city

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    This idea is very relevant for a real problem in a specific social context. What I would like to read is more information about the solution to be implemented.

    That's a good idea! The collaboration with young people and adults to create shared choices for urban transformation is really important for L'Aquila, a city where is in place a delicate process of reconstruction.

    il progetto è di grande rilevanza sociale per la comunità. Coinvolge giovani e studenti nella riqualificazione degli spazi urbani abbandonati o in attesa di riutilizzazione dopo il terremoto.

    Wonderful idea! Congratulations to the boys and their teacher

    Idea Submitter

    Thanks a lot Emanuele :-) I think it's a great opportunity for oue community in these long post-earthquake years :-)