En Plein Up! Outdoor life style for families
 Posted on 26/05/2014 - 10:28
Idea Outline
An App as a Guide for informing families about outdoor spaces to visit (parks, beaches, nature reserves, etc.) that have services tailored to the family and child-friendly

The Challenge
Parents are among the target groups most susceptible to evaluate outdoor places to live from their children and there is a need of information tools and guides that provide information on where to find these kind of places

The Solution

App for smart phones and tablet. Guide practical with intuitive interface for parents who need information fast. The guide will be of help to parents to find information on places to live outdoors.
A geolocation system will identify parks, beaches, mountain areas of nature reserves, etc. to visit with their children.
Kind of informations from the guide:
-picnic area,
-dining with organic food,
-game equipment,
-programming of activities for children such as laboratories, etc.
-any spaces indoors in case of rain.
-nature trails
-wellbeing with gym equipment
-bicycle paths
-hotels and catering eco-friendly

Qr code, for families to get savings good discounts in shops reported
Our intended activities
-market research
-preparation of the draft executive
-writing contents or search

Target group and social impact
parents, young mothers preferably between 25 and 35 yearsassist families in providing informations on family-friendly places to live. Increasing the sensitivity towards sustainability and respect for the environment into future generations

Competences of the applicant is an agency specialized for into marketing and communication projects include educational and social addressed to children, families and publish a web magazine to suggest families places to leave outdoor Besides in 2013 built and operates in Rome a sustainable playground for families:

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