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 Posted on 26/05/2014 - 18:54
Idea Outline
The PIE NEWSroom project empowers people in a condition of poverty, lack of income, or unemployment. It does so through a mobile based storytelling platform that would spread a collective awareness on good practices in facing the economic crisis.

The Challenge
The OECD Employment Outlook 2013 points to two dynamics that are the social basis of the PIEN project: the persistency, in EU countries, of unemployment with the risk of a growing structural unemployment; and the declining of real earnings. Such picture describes a situation into which individuals are facing the growing need to find alternatives to the job relation as the unique source of income, pointing to the need to sustain those people, as income is the basis for social inclusion and civic participation. Although often organized in local networks, such people have difficulties in accessing information useful to envision good practices, at the national or European level. Therefore, improving the ability of those people to share their stories is a relevant challenge for today’s Europe.

The Solution

The PIEN project aims at promoting the development of a collective awareness on good practices in facing the crisis and the problems of poverty, income, and employment. It will do that building a collaborative journalism platform, PIE Newsroom, supporting the development of distributed storytelling capabilities among the more affected by the crisis, that will allow a constant exchange of good practices. Technically speaking, the strengths of the PIEN platform will be: 1) easy-to-use, mobile-oriented, interface; 2) a detailed and easy to use online educational material on storytelling and news reporting; 3) an advanced reputation systems combined with concepts of digital currencies, focusing in particular on awarding translations, reporting, and community management activities.

Target group and social impact
Except for Luxembourg and Iceland, employment in Europe during 2014 will grow less than 1% or decline, as in the Southern European countries. Therefore, the entire Europe is the potential target of the PIEN project. Nevertheless, the social groups more affected by the crisis are the youngest and the oldest ones, the primary target of the project. In particular, connecting them to experiences of bottom-up economic construction (e.g. repurposing closed factories, sharing gardens, buying clubs, etc…), the project will stimulate their ability to find different solutions to the problem of long-term poverty and unemployment. The ability to share experiences at the European level will provide people with the right information to evaluate their local situation with an international lens.

Competences of the applicant
I have engaged in the critical study of technology-enabled peer to peer relations for the last ten years. Moreover, I have coordinated projects at the European level (FP7 My Ideal City) and contributed at the reflections at the boundary between the social sciences and computing. I have also worked in science communication, developing the ability to disseminate the project to the target groups.

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