Rhythm - Curing depression through wearables
 Posted on 28/05/2014 - 11:37
Idea Outline
An important part in treatment of depression is obtaining insight of a person’s daily rhythm, eating pattern, mood and fitness. By monitoring this with an app, combined with the use of wearables, both patient & caretaker get insight in these data.

The Challenge
Depression is the number one most common psychological disease. It is the most expensive disease as well. Reasons for this are the relatively long duration of the disease (often more than a year), and the cumulative cost of necessary treatment and improductivity (not being able to work/contribute). Research on depression has indicated that obtaining data about people can speed up treatment and moreover can be used to prevent depression if obtained in an early stage. Nowadays data can be obtained in an early stage. We live in a world in which people are more and more keeping track of their activities (for example runkeeper). In combination with evolving technology on the field of smartphones and wearables, opportunities to treat and prevent depression are within our grasp.

The Solution

Given the fact that almost everyone has a smartphone and the amount of available wearables is increasing, necessary data for the treatment of depression can be obtained more easily. Alledaags wants to develop a mobile app to provide a platform to collect this data and at the same time transform it into information. With this app patients can measure their daily rhythm, eating pattern, mood and fitness. Information can then be transferred to a caretaker, who can provide the patient with advise/treatment (even through remote treatment).
With the reward through Call-1 a proof of concept will be developed. Doctors and possibly health insurance companies will be interviewed to discover the potential of the idea. Also an analysis concerning the necessary functionalities will be conducted.

Target group and social impact
Almost 19% of all people has suffered from depression at least once in their life. Helping these people in their treatment will therefore have a social impact on a considerable amount of people. Four different groups are targeted. 1) Care takers: These could benefit from the solution through increasing availability of data, supporting the treatment process. 2) Health insurance companies: Since health costs for depressed people are relatively high, these companies benefit financially from a better treatment process. 3) Patients: Depression is a disease that could last for years. Patients will benefit greatly from a better (faster) & more comprehensive treatment. 4) Research organizations: Obtaining extensive amounts of data on depressed people supports research opportunities & quality.

Competences of the applicant
Alledaags ( is a Dutch app development company with much experience in the healthcare market. Developing mobile apps is the core activity of Alledaags, creating a solid technological knowledge base for this project. The personal experience of the project leaders (Antje Meindersma en Bas Holtrop) within the healthcare sector also creates the necessary network opportunities.

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