Fighting women's discrimination at labour market
 Posted on 27/05/2014 - 10:20
Idea Outline
Current legal framework in Montenegro do not provide effective prevention of women's discrimination at labor market . The idea is to explore options for innovative civic action which would raise their awareness and access to justice.

The Challenge
Despite the positive legal framework in Montenegro, current practices of employment of women and girls indicate serious discriminatory actions. The most prominent practice is that employers are likely to employ men more than women simply because they anticipate maternity leaves (on the grounds of adverse effect on continuity of business), women are exposed to lay offs and poorer working conditions and career development options. Unemployment rate among the female population and salary discrimination are on the rise, as well as pressure not to get pregnant in order to keep the job. Female employees lack information on their rights as well as suffer from ineffective institutional protection from employers' misconduct

The Solution

The idea is to explore options for developing interactive ICT solutions (mobile application), which would provide interested female employees quick and easy access to information on their rights, legal provisions which regulate issues under their concern, guarantee immediate access to free legal aid (to be provided by NGO Parents Legal counselor), identify competent public body in charge of responding to their query/problem and reporting the case of discrimination and/or violation of their rights and/or respective law. In light of increasing use of smartphones in country, this application should ensure coordinated assistance to female employees and job seekers as well as motivate more engaged reactions of competent public bodies in charge of safeguarding their rights.

Target group and social impact
The main target groups of this intervention will be young women seeking job, young and employed women. Through action, interests of female job seekers and employees would be upheld and promoted, whereas state inspections would be supported in their safeguarding of legal provisions guaranteeing their rights. Main activities directly contribute towards equal opportunities of both women and men in the labor market. The equal treatment of employees (and potential employees) at the workplace and by the employer is the essence of the project. In a broader sense the project support anti-discriminatory practices in the employment thus promotes basic human rights are implemented equally to men and women.

Competences of the applicant
NGO Parents is one of few national NGOs with strong constituency among the population and favorable public image, and prominent advocate of socio-economic rights. In our Advisory board, we assemble number of seasoned ICT, management and advocacy professionals, committed to supporting the concrete project development/implementation of our NGO.

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