Renewable energy projects connected data hub
 Posted on 27/05/2014 - 12:43
Idea Outline
The vision is to create a globally connected hub where all data regarding renewable energy and projects are stored. This will include project data, resource maps, policy data, news, blogs, insight, analysis and a connection with qualified experts.

The Challenge
The challenge in the renewable energy market is that there is a lack of a clear, concise, qualified, relevant data source to search for information. Information is scattered across the web and various data storage units globally. Without this source of clear information available to project decision makers, poor decisions are made and time and money is wasted which produces negative publicity for renewable energy as an energy source. The idea of REP is to help companies involved in the renewable energy market to make better decisions with regards to projects, policies, costing, technologies and locations. Renewable energy is a requirement in the global energy future and without this source of data poor decisions will be made and money wasted.

The Solution

The solution proposed by REP is to develop a data hub for renewable energy projects. This hub will include all relevant renewable energy data from around the globe: project data, news, analysis, insight, blogs, company details, policy information, resource maps and a hub of connected experts to provide credibility and qualification to the data. The data will be separable by country, energy type (e.g. wind, solar), technology used etc. The expert connection will work as follows: once a basic version of the hub is available, REP will connect with consultants around the world offering them access to our data in exchange for access to theirs. As a result, the data will grow continuously and receive vetting from experts working in the field simultaneously.

Target group and social impact
The target group is quite diverse but is likely to include the following: renewable energy (RE) consultants; engineering, procurement and construction companies working in RE; business developers in RE; financiers; investors and; governments. Potential benefits vary depending on which group is using the service: consultants will be able to offer better services to their clients; EPC companies will be able to make decisions on their purchases and construction processes; business developers will be able to make better decisions about where to set up projects; financiers will be able to see the levels of finance used in previous projects and the risks; investors will be able to see their likely return on investment and; governments will be able to compare global policy initiatives.

Competences of the applicant
The founder has spent several years working as a renewable energy consultant and project manager specialising in the Indian solar power market. The idea was born from this venture as he found it very difficult to acquire the required data for the projects worked on. Other team members include: a KPMG trained ACA financial analyst, web developer, data gatherers and marketing executive.

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    Imho OpdnData APIs are more the future than central storages.