Posted on 27/05/2014 - 12:58
Idea Outline
Being able to provide a meeting point between charitable and humanitarian organizations, and benefactors through mobile and web applications. Everyone can help, even in a small way, perhaps by donating a pair of shoes that have no longer been used.

The Challenge
Everyday, billions of consumer goods are wasted because they are considered outdated, or simply because we do no longer like them. Our challenge consists of finding a new and useful destination for all these resources that would be unavoidably binned. An important and clear example of that is represented by medical equipment. Every year, health care companies stop using extremely expensive devices because they are renewing their equipment. Their devices are still serviceable and therefore ideal for being reused or donated to those who need them.

The Solution

MyWorldContribute is an effective meeting point between charitable and humanitarian organizations and anyone in the world who is willing to help others. Web and mobile applications will give associations the opportunity to make known what they need (such as equipment, raw materials, etc...) and professional services to the entire world. Anyone can make his/her own contribution (public and private companies and, why not you?) and collaborate to provide their own goods and professional skills. Each benefactor will feel part of charitable associations in an active way and know what he/she is doing in order to help and create in full transparency .

Target group and social impact
On one hand, it is addressed to all no-profit humanitarian and charitable associations that can make their needs and necessities known. On the other hand, public and private companies (or common benefactors) will place at the disposal of the needy skills, services and goods that are no longer used. MyWorldContribute also represents a solution for those who wish to give to charity, but are afraid of making a donation, especially money.

Competences of the applicant
We are a group of three people (26, 32 and 40 years old) who have been working for years in the Information Technology area, with particular expertise and passion in the development of web and mobile platforms. In our own work experience, we have held positions as Developer, Analyst and Project Manager, by acquiring every kind of knowledge in the IT industry.

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Social Category
  • Civic Empowerment and Community Engagement
  • Health and Demographic Change
  • Social Inclusion, Human Rights and Equality

  • Tecnology Category
  • Geolocation
  • Mobile
  • Open Source
  • Social Software
  • Web/Internet

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