Peace Story. One story can change a community.
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 13:28
Idea Outline
The Peace Story platform will enable people to share their stories and engage in a positive dialogue. These stories will be developed into an e-learning material for school children. Our vision is to create a space for building peace.

The Challenge
Latent conflict are non-violent, underlying tensions betweens groups of people. These conflicts are typically linked to wider societal issues, but are also caused by local tensions. Before, it has been difficult to gather data and solve local conflicts, but the Peace Story platform will do just that. Peace Story will utilise a framework of peace journalism that focuses on the positive steps toward peace, and strips all content of hate speech. Johan Galtung, one of the foremost advocates for peace journalism, argues that the mass media is biased in favour of violence and the powerful. In contrast peace journalism focuses on conflict transformation, by depolarizing and highlighting peace and conflict resolution as much as violence.

The Solution

The goal is to develop an online space that enables people to share their stories in an audiovisual format. The application enables users to communicate with each other and share their views on the topic of peace. Usability and accessibility are key factors in the design process as the variety of devices is large on the international level.

Phase I - The Peace Story ideology will be developed into an online platform. We will developed the concept and prototype the service together with a pilot community.

Phase II - A round of iteration taking into account feedback from communities. The platform will be opened for communities globally to gather stories.

Phase III - The pilot project Peace Story will be developed into an e-learning material and promoted to local schools and teachers.

Target group and social impact
Peace Story has two target groups: communities in conflict and school children. People will share their local stories and they will developed into a peace promoting e-learning material for school children. Every community will have their own specific and tailored Peace Story that speaks about local issues. By creating a locally specific peace education material, we can In addition, Peace Story will serve as a source of information for actors on the national level and academia. Peace Story will start a dialogue in communities affected by conflict.

Competences of the applicant
We are a team of two communications professionals, consisting of a Web Producer and a Service Designer. Our experience includes over ten years working with communications projects for NGOs and Nonprofits. Our main focus is on social innovation projects with an aspect of ICT for development.

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