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 Posted on 29/05/2014 - 15:39
Idea Outline
Causa Creations is a company that creates unique games for social causes. With Ludoacquisition we seek to develop a new generation of serious games, that allow the players to engage with the portrayed realities via a special monetization system.

The Challenge
Over the last decades computer games have evolved both as a medium and a market. However, most products offered are mere entertainment commodities. On the other hand, many so called "serious games" fail to reach the artistic standards set by the industry and leave their player disappointed. But there is an enormous potential for a new generation of serious games: Could we develop for example a farming simulation, whose micropayment system would actually support farmers in a developing country? Could we channel the power of the consumer to add some positive impact to their purchase? NGOs and similar organizations could use this potential, address their issues through serious games and use those to raise funds for their campaigns!

The Solution

Not only do we want to bring our own (=high) artistic standards when it comes to gaming into the world of serious games, but we also seek to develop new ways for the player to participate in sociopolitical issues through monetization systems.

For these undertakings we would like to lay the technical foundation, research potential interface designs and pipelines and assess the market potential for high quality serious games, all of which we will conduct in collaboration with Vienna's Technical University (Human Computer Interaction Group).

Our efforts over the next years will include various mobile and desktop games, foremost a strategy game in cooperation with Amnesty International.

Target group and social impact
By moving serious games ideas into the mass entertainment market, we seek to reach the broad gamer demographics: worldwide and through all ages. This would allow us to tap in a waste number of potential players and therefore also donators. Our games could cater to a potential large group of people, that seek more sincere and challenging forms of gaming and would also like to have their money spend on something else then shareholders. For NGOs we want to develop a revolutionary new way of informing people, raising awareness and gaining financial support for their campaigns. We know from our partners at Amnesty, that there is a great interest, but little development in this area. Therefore we at Causa Creations would be delighted to push the limits of what it means to play a game.

Competences of the applicant
We are seasoned artists and developers that have worked extensively in the field of media art, indie development and serious games. Our team includes artists, researchers and developers from central Europe, the Americas and India. Previous and ongoing projects:

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