ITALAMO: Care for good decisions
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 20:26
Idea Outline
We all make bad decisions on a bad day, but especially in healthcare there is no room for emotional or gut feeling decision making. ITALAMO helps medical personnel to make objective decisions only based on the given information, excluding any emotion

The Challenge
We can all imagine that providers of care (e.g. GP’s) have to deal with a load of patient information . Patient information overload leads to interpretations and discussions and sometimes even mistakes. Because we are human, emotions influence our decisions, especially when it concerns our health. ITALAMO will help medical personnel to organise information and make objective information-driven decisions. By doing this, shared decision making will be made easier and by doing so will add value to health care across Europe. Healthcare costs are reduced by making more reliable decisions. The time a patient stays in a hospital is shortened thus addressing the major challenge to keep healthcare accessible for all people and provide them with the best care possible in the most effective way.

The Solution

ITALAMO will start a revolution in effective shared decision making in the health care sector with an online case management system. An intelligent function will advise you in how to organize information and it also makes suggestions for the best-follow up-action in order to process the information in the most efficient way. Information from documents and correspondence is analysed in neural networks. This will help the decision maker to make objective decisions, leading to more reliable diagnose and treatment and will also alleviate the administrative burden for medical personnel.
The intended activities are to investigate how neural networks can process documents and written discussions in order to identify and evaluate the key elements that form the basis of a judgment or decision.

Target group and social impact
Targeted group is, in the first place, health care providers and patients. Successful implementation of the project will contribute to keeping health care cost in check. This is done by: 1. Facilitating efficient health care diagnosis and treatment. 2. Improvement of (shared) decision making and objective advice 3. Alleviating the administrative burden of organising information will lead to an improvement of the quality of care provided because care providers have more time for face-to-face contact with their patients. This solution is applicable in all sorts of sectors that struggle with similar problems, e.g. education, public services and even our public security.

Competences of the applicant
ITALAMO has in the Netherlands 6 FTE dedicated for the development and improvement of data management systems. The specific programming of the developed software will take place in Poland and Romania. Knowledge of neural networks is provided through partnerschip with a Dutch technical university and international research communities.

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