Posted on 28/05/2014 - 12:22
Idea Outline
MakingMaths supports the learning of Mathematics thanks to a kit of open hardware electronic modules that can be easily connected each other and to an Arduino sheet, in order to transform abstract mathematical concepts into practical experiences.

The Challenge
It is not only a commonplace that Maths is often felt by students as a nightmare; in Italy, this is a fact witnessed by the high n° of failures in ministerial exams (in 2013, the 60% of students failed), and by the decrement in the n° of students in Scientific Faculties, particularly in Mathematics. This is mainly due to the fact that Maths has been progressively stripped down of its experiential content, in favour of a formalization of procedures and symbols that are often taught and learned through memory instead of a deep acquisition. But Maths is progressively influencing our societies: overcoming the difficult relation between Maths and Youth means giving to the latter skills and abilities to understand the reality.

The Solution

MakingMaths is a kit of small open hardware electronic modules made of led, potentiometers, faders, led matrix and servo motors that can be easily connected each other as weel as to an Arduino sheet; the kit is then a true didactic modular support for Maths.
Mathematics is often taught in an abstract and scarce experiential way; our kit allows Maths to be approached with an immediate and tangible experience of its notions.
The kit is associated with a hardcopy support containing the Arduino codex and the computing schemes for each tutorial that corresponds to a topic of the curricular Maths’ programme.
The kit, by virtue of its modular nature, can be also combined in new configurations, then allowing its users to contribute to the constant improvement and updating of our solution.

Target group and social impact
The proposed solution intends to target the following groups: - Students aged between 13-18. In this case, while the kit can represent a useful tool for all students independently from their learning abilities, it is particular suitable for students with learning disabilities; - Maths teachers (secundary level in particular); - Speech therapists, Educators and Professionals in the field of education and learning. The kit is expected to produce a relevant impact on the mentioned groups: thanks to its low cost, its easy use and to its web platform thought as a social aggregator, MakingMaths can become a stable didactical tool at school, it can be used individually by students and teachers to improve learning processes and it can operate as a virtual lab of Mathematical production.

Competences of the applicant
The idea was born within the ImpactHUB Firenze's community. In particular, it involves: -Laura Martelloni: co-founder of IHF, with 8 years of experience in education; -Marco Tognetti: co-founder of IHF, expert in business modelling and planning; -Daniele D'Arrigo: co-founder of FabLab Firenze, educator and speech therapist, with key expertise in the design of devices for cognitive disabilities

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    I love this idea and I am looking forward to seeing how it works. We have a similar initiative, using Arduino to try to fight school failure in the low-class segment of the population.

    Great idea to learn maths in a useful way!