Enhancing the sojourn taxation in Montenegro
 Posted on 28/05/2014 - 12:47
Idea Outline
Action would explore the options of connecting the data on number and locations of tourists from various public e-registries into operational platform for charging the sojourn tax and enhance income generation and efficient inter-agency coordination

The Challenge
Tourism is the key industry in Montenegro, and despite number of tourism registries (police, tourist organizations, municipalities), authorities only have speculative data on actual number of tourists in country and thus loose considerable funds on the grounds of sojourn tax. Both state and tourism oriented municipalities suffer from budget setbacks, while number of unregistered tourist services providers continue to exist. Both customs, police, tourist organizations and municipalities have different registries, but they are not connected and do not allow for inspections to keep a track of tourists and service providers and ensure mandatory tourist registration and sojourn tax payments

The Solution

Following the established cooperation with respective tourism and public institutions, "Amplitudo" intends to analyze existing data and explore the options for developing innovative and interactive ICT solution, which should harmonize existing e-registries and software's and exchange of data, allow for quick and immediate tourist e-registration as well as allow geo-locational verification of registered tourists and thus enable tourist inspectors to easily monitor the tourist facilities (hotels and private accommodation) through mobile application.

Target group and social impact
Main target groups are tourist stakeholders (competent Ministry, tourist organizations and inspections as well as tourism oriented municipalities) alongside customs office and police, who are in charge of registration of tourists. They would all benefit from concrete data and operational tool for ensuring sojourn tax collection, which would all contribute to increased income generation by the state and municipalities. This would have a spillover effect in demonstrating to the public authorities of benefits of modern ICT solutions in upgrading their work and efficiency.

Competences of the applicant
Amplitudo is one of the pioneering ICT and Software Development consulting agencies in Montenegro, which have been spearheading the use of innovative and interactive ICT solutions in public and private sector towards increased efficiency, inter-agency coordination/communication and transparency

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    I am working in tourism business for the last 25 years in Montenegro. I am very happy to see that there are quite nice ideas that can help us to solve some of our major problems. I sure hope that idea will be selected for further implementation.

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