Dataconfetti - Safe Sharing in the Cloud
 Posted on 28/05/2014 - 13:42
Idea Outline
Dataconfetti B.V. is a Dutch company specialized in online document sharing. By using intelligent shredding (and merging) of documents across several datacenters, documents can be safely stored in, and accessed from the cloud throughout the world.

The Challenge
Data, information and documents are stored more frequently online. Datacenters & cloud services play a vital role in the collection, storage and distribution of our information. While globalization and working in ‘the paperless office’ has forced us to embrace the digitalization of information, security issues still seem to pose a significant threat to privacy and storage. This is a serious issue affecting governments, companies and individuals in their everyday activities and lives, for example in the online storage of medical, financial or (national) security information. Therefore, new and better methods should be designed in order to reduce security threats. Dataconfetti wishes to contribute to society by developing solutions through which documents can be safely stored and shared.

The Solution

Traditional cloudservices store data in just 1 datacenter, remaining vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Dataconfetti (DC) develops safer & easier solutions by which data (documents), when uploaded into a cloudservice, is shredded into little pieces (confetti) and distributed across several datacenters. Intruders managing to obtain this data, will only have a very small, hard to interpret and useless piece of a document. DC’s intelligent solution has the ability 'to glue' together pieces of confetti if requested, forming a whole document again. Accessibility/restoring of data will be granted based on parameters such as geo-location, individual profiles or 'circles of interest'. Intended activities if rewarded are exploring technical feasibility & market research in governmental/business sector.

Target group and social impact
A safer and more accessible digital infrastructure for the storage and distribution of documents through the cloud could potentially impact everyone. While Dataconfetti initially focusses on solutions for governments and larger (healthcare) companies, most of these solutions have a direct or indirect impact on individuals. Think for example of the storage of documents containing personal medical or insurance information. Society will benefit through this project by creating a higher level of data-security. Second, economic benefits could be achieved by stimulating (international) business through easier and safer to use document sharing throughout the world. Also, a contribution to a more sustainable environment could be achieved by a reduction of physical printing and use of paper.

Competences of the applicant
Dataconfetti B.V. is a highly innovative ICT-company lead by founder and CEO Oane Hettema who has over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and is specialized in mobile document sharing. While partner company Spotdog B.V. is focused on development of mobile sharing solutions, Dataconfetti aims at the secure cloud-distribution and access of documents, creating a solid development platform.

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