City of Errors
 Posted on 28/05/2014 - 14:36
Idea Outline
City of Errors is a cross-media platform dedicated to the promotion of civic engagement in big cities. An online space with professional videos and amateur user videos, photos and mashups spreading ideas, examples and lessons on active citizenship.

The Challenge
By 2050 70% of the population will be urban. Cities are being rapidly overpopulated and have come to face immense challenges. Making cities livable has become a priority in the agenda not only of the EU (target of Agenda 21 UNCED 1992) but also of municipalities, companies and NGOs worldwide that spend large amounts of their budgets to communicate the things they do to achieve the fulfillment of this priority. A large part of these budgets is spent on videos creating awareness. Yet these videos are disseminated poorly and are not personal enough to transform public awareness into civic engagement on a local level. Their message no matter how important, is just not local enough for people to care because it is not customized to their own reality.

The Solution

City of Errors gives ordinary people the chance to have an impact supporting the causes they care about while being creative and being heard. By accessing visual content from different sources worldwide available on our platform and remixing it with their own videos and photos using editing templates and effects, those who care can make video mashups about the things they care and increase views for the key players communicating sustainability in the process. If we receive an award we will provide our users with a platform to upload their own content on city problems and solutions, engage them through gamified interactivity and create an innovative online editing tool that let them spread the causes they support in a strongly visual, entertaining and viral way.

Target group and social impact
Our target groups include petition site users, slacktivists, active communities, YouTube amateurs, municipalities, social & tech startups, companies with CSR & NGO's. Both free users and paying customers will benefit from City of Errors. The former through audiovisual campaigning for the causes they care about in a much more empowering and viral way than that provided by online petition sites. The latter by having the creative support and high visibility provided by ordinary people who care about the same issues and make them personal enough for others in their local communities to care. Impact is generated by bridging the communication gap between all those who rise awareness in the field of sustainable urban living through popular culture and online amateur filmmaking.

Competences of the applicant
Audiovisual filmmaker specialized in crossmedia filmmaking. City of Errors founder and project manager for the past 2 years. Head of a team of 14 volunteers. Social entrepreneur & member of Orange Grove (Dutch Embassy incubator in Athens) and Impact Hub Athens. Featured in Guardian's Cities' Blogger of the Week. Mentioned by EU Commisioner Neelie Kroes and Greek President Papoulias. Solution giver

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