Mobile SmartTracking: Determining Fitness to Drive
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 06:02
Idea Outline
Alcohol and drugs often play an important role in traffic accidents. The police look for these during roadside controls. The effects of some drugs are hard to quantify. Our aim is to provide an obective mobile tool for determining fitness to drive.

The Challenge
Traffic accidents don’t just happen - they occur for a reason, e.g. simple carelessness. Alcohol or drugs may also seriously impede a driver’s fitness. During roadside controls, police officers look for clues pointing to their use. Misuse of alcohol can be assessed with relative ease, but the use other (newer) drugs may be harder to detect and to quantify. Thus, police officers will often base their decision on whether to perform more extensive, time consuming/expensive lab tests on their subjective impression. Unnecessary tests as well as letting unfit drivers continue may have negative consequences, ranging at best from unnecessary costs to serious consequences for innocent third parties. In this context, an objective easy-to-use tool, which we aim to provide, would be highly desirable.

The Solution

While alcohol is easily detectable during roadside tests (e.g., using a breathalizer), this is not true for other drugs; some may even be hard to find using lab tests although they certainly have an influence on a driver's fitness. Psychophysical test suites (e.g., specific reaction tests) can be used in such a context but these are usually found in a laboratory setting. Often, they also suffer from complexity. By implementing objective and standardized mobile test methods, we aim at providing police officers with a highly portable and more objective tool for rating whether someone is fit to drive. Part 1 of the grant will be used for selecting a promising mobile test method and implementing said method on a mobile device, while part 2 will go towards extensive testing.

Target group and social impact
Traffic accidents and their consequences (disabilites, emotional effects) have a negative impact on society, not only due to their immediate costs but also because of long term effects (e.g., disabilites) for the people involved. Continually raising awareness about factors contributing to traffic accidents as well as preventing them may thus be highly beneficial. The implementation of reliable and standardized mobile tests in the featured app can be used to achieve both goals: The app can serve support police officers in more reliably determining whether someone is fit to drive, thus potentially preventing accidents and their consequences for society. An adapted version, e.g. in the form of a game, could also be provided to the general public to raise awareness in a playfull manner.

Competences of the applicant
Urs is a trained physician and Deputy Director of the P.L. Reichertz Institute for Med. Informatics. He leads a multidisciplinary and multinational research group on mobile health at Hannover Medical School. He is also the Secretary of the Ethics Commission at the same institution. Besides reseraching the ethical and legal framework of Medical Apps, the team develops award winning health apps.

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    "Part 1 of the grant will be used for selecting a promising mobile test method and implementing said method on a mobile device"
    On what is this drug testing based ?

    Idea Submitter

    Thanks for your question. The idea is to combine innovative eye tracking technology to detect pathophysiological movements with already available psychological tests for awareness, short memory and perception.

    I really think it would help to make our streets safer. Annette

    This seems a big challenge you posed yourself. Exited for the results. So good luck! Jörn

    It's very useful.

    A excellent idea.

    Seems a very promising idea as a mobile psy-lab for other use cases, too! Have you thought about that? Fascinating!

    Idea Submitter

    Dear Holger, yes, we did actually. The psychologist in our team is a awy excited on the possibilites as well. A mobile field laboratory, sounds proming;) Thank you.

    very cool idea!

    really brilliant

    This is really awesome! Sound simple, but obviously nobody else yet came up with this idea. The crcucial speciality of this idea is the scientific approach. Brilliant!

    Idea Submitter

    Thank you very much. At the moment we do not know about another project, too.

    Wow, thats a really brilliant idea. I hope to hear from u guys!

    cool idea and relevant topic, go ahead!

    that would be great ... best of luck

    Great idea

    very interesting APP

    Great concept, excellent implementation.

    would look to offer a practical solution to a major health and social issue

    would look to offer a practical solution to a major health and social issue

    A great and helpful idea.

    If it works, it is a big step into the right direction (objectively measured values).

    Great Idea...

    Great project.

    Everybody who lost a friend because of drunk driving support actions to make the streets safer! A big challenge. I think the app could be used by private people, too. Maybe as an educational tool...I really would like to see how far they come with this cool idea. GOOD LUCK!

    Idea Submitter

    Dear Robert, thank you for your very personal comment on this matter. We will do our best to deliver such a tool.

    Unbelievable but true.
    I like this to prevent traffic accidents and their consequences and think it could work perfect!

    Idea Submitter

    Dear Markus, yes, this is the plan. At least a step into that direction. Thank you!

    Grear idea, more of that.

    Sounds interisting

    This application will make streets saver!

    I am flashed by this clever idea. There are so many other implications of a mobile smart tracker. Especially in Psychology! 3 * ++!!!

    Idea Submitter

    Hey Olga, this is encouraging. Actually, we have a psychologist in our team and he sees other fields of interest as well;) Thank you!

    A valuable contribution to traffic safety. Two thumbs up for this App!

    Fascinating idea to use a tablet for that! Best of Luck!