Posted on 29/05/2014 - 15:02
Idea Outline
Turn your trip into an unforgettable experience! - Be original: create your own trip - Be smart: be a part of history - Be social: share your emotions

The Challenge
Cultural heritage reflects the essence of a region and of its people, affecting economical, social and cultural growth of that place. The adoption of new methods and instruments to capitalize on a unique cultural asset, is required. ICTs meet these needs by extending the fruition of cultural heritage to a larger audience. They provide a space in which visitors and locals can be aware about activities taking place around them. Moreover, they facilitate virtual access to heritage assets whose fruition is limited and allow people to interact with their surrounding environment. The challenge we want to tackle is to encourage visitors and locals using SMART solutions to experience the variety and treasure of cultural heritage, while recounting and sharing their emotions with others.

The Solution

TourHoun3D (TH) is an application for mobile devices combining open data, multimedia technology and 3D Augmented Reality in a multitask tool. TH supports planning, fruition and sharing of cultural experiences.
TH provides personalized Augmented Reality and 3D tours and reconstructions of ruined cultural heritage sites in order to help visitors and locals to better appreciate ancient splendors of these sites enjoying a much more entertaining experience.
Those technologies allow to create an innovative “diary” which reports various forms of media, such as 3D representations, notes, images, self-made videos and highlighted information about cultural heritage.
With the resources of the award we will carry out a market study and design the business model of the service.

Target group and social impact
TourHoun3D target people are keen on art, history and cultural heritage around them. Locals, tourists and students could enjoy the experience of visiting places in a brand new and highly captivating way. TourHoun3D facilitate virtual access to old assets, whose fruition is limited, and, allow people to share their experiences through social networks. Their digitalized stories and images will be in turn read and consumed by others creating a passionate community. Moreover, TourHoun3D could be addressed to tour operators wishing to increase their own brand awareness by offering customized services. TourHoun3D will supply local administrators to better exploit their territory potentialities transforming the sightseeing into a unique experience.

Competences of the applicant
A multidisciplinary team composed by territorial marketing specialists, computer science engineers, art historians, archaeologists and lawyers. The team is involved in DICET-INMOTO educational project (PON for Research and Competitiveness 2007-2013, strategic area Smart culture and tourism,

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