Cloud Engine - API for share economy ressoruces
 Posted on 29/05/2014 - 17:27
Idea Outline
Share economy is creating a large number of new opportunities to connect redundant resources such as social capital, production facilities, services, etc. - we are developing an universal API that makes this inventory interconnectable.

The Challenge
The challenge of share economy are lacking standards to address resources that are presently “offline” by design or origin. Whereas we increasingly can use inventory that is “on the digital grid” by its technological design, as e.g. the automotive industry and increasingly enhanced online functionalities of e.g. in-car systems used for e.g. finding free parking spots, the grand socio-economic challenge is, how we can make inventory online addressable that is not “digital by default”. The challenge we are proposing to solve is how we can better use the benefits of share economy by enhancing IOT interoperability of resources and its compatibility across share economy applications.

The Solution

We are developing an API for socio-economic relationships capable of managing inventory and to digitally process and match demand and supply relationships in multi-stakeholder networks and setups. We developed an accounting system that is agnostic of classes of goods, resources or infrastructures, and this way able to compute in real-time any kind of online-mediated exchange of labour / services, resources and production processes via mobile applications.

Contrary to existing b2b solutions, we are addressing market segments that are presently ignored by the technology industry: We are building age-friendly technologies that enable demographics that “are presently offline” to use online IOT technologies and participate in digitally-mediated share economy services.

Target group and social impact
By enabling groups that are presently not benefiting from collaborative consumption ideas, principles and concepts, we hope to enhance awareness and opportunity recognition towards share economy themes. Our products are especially addressing target groups that are today lacking the necessary digital literacy to pro-actively participate in digital concepts that can enhance the effective and sustainable use of resources. By providing especially these users with a new set of tools, we can effectively scale the idea of share economy by making it as understandable and reliable as possible to audiences so far not participating in it (hence a lack of understanding and tools): We help people understanding the diversity of share economy by providing tools that make collaborative consumption easier.

Competences of the applicant
The applicants are computer scientists and technology designers that have been working together in a number of projects. We both have the technical resources as well as the necessary expertise to successfully deploy the project. We are supported by a number of advisors that have been working in the technology industry and have long-term experience in developing real-time geo-spatial applications.

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