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 Posted on 29/05/2014 - 21:41
Idea Outline
Being Mom is a great happiness but it can be a source of anxiety too. This App, with the help of basic medical information provides psycological support to moms. Moms can find aswers about problems of their babies during their first year of life.

The Challenge
Our App wants to give answers to mom that need a medical and psycological support to cure their babies. Thanks to the support of sections about baby care (like nursing, medical visits, crying etc…), new mother can find an answer to their daily doubt. The added value of this application is the possibility to reduce anxiety derived from little problems that could be solve witouth the help of the pediatrician or without taking the baby to the first aid. Infatct, it often happens that new moms construe little problems as big problems.

The Solution

Screenshot home:
This is the home of our App. There are nine icons that represent the functions of this App.
Clicking on the icons they can find informations about:
medical visits
desease of the baby
baby’s crying
how to do the bath
They can also: find the nearest pharmacy, contact their pediatrician and write a personal diary.

Screenshot questions:
After clicking the icon, moms will find the most frequently asked questions about baby care, that create anxiety. In this screenshot is show an example about nursing

Screenshot answer:
In this screenshot there are the answers to questions that worried moms. This informations are provided by a pediatrician, infact this advices are clear and sure

Screenshot age:
the informations about medical visits are divided into six session

Target group and social impact
This App is perfect for every new mom, who own a smartphone or a tablet. It’s optimal for new moms who want to find, independently, a fast and reliable answer. In Italy there are over 500,000 children born in 2013 and the percentage of women who owns and uses a smartphone is at least about 73%. There are 534 186 children born in 2012 (-2.3% in 2011); 1.42 is the average number of children per woman. Reference period: Year 2012. Posted: Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Competences of the applicant
Our team includes three young women between 24 and 23 years old: Sabina, Erika and Sara. We have recently create this team because we met each other only ten months ago but we’re very join and, together, we can do very good works. We are studying psychology at the “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” in Milan and we are very interested in technological application for psychological wellbeing.

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