Examfit is an online mobile application
 Posted on 29/05/2014 - 21:58
Idea Outline
Examfit is an online application that prepares and tests language students for oral exams like the Leaving and Junior Certificate for example in French, German, Irish, Spanish etc.

The Challenge
Last years Leaving Certificate results show that failure rates were high in several language subjects at ordinary level, including Italian (10.3 per cent), French (6.9 per cent) and Spanish (7.2 per cent). The most common grade in the Irish exam for Leaving Certificate was among students who sat Ordinary Level was a C1, with 15.1 per cent of students achieving this grade. These results speak for themselves and could be improved. A lot of students leave school without being able to speak their chosen language having studied it for many years. If students had an online mobile application to help with their oral exam this could help increase pass rates and improve language results. This application can also help language students not only in Ireland but abroad.

The Solution

Examfit helps students to prepare for their oral exam online. It helps students learn the general questions about themselves and about their family, career, hobbies etc and helps them practice the specific role plays in advance of the exam without the aid of a teacher. The mobile online application will also test students language levels and give them a score. Students can keep practicing each area over and over again until they become confident in the chosen topic and then move onto the next topic. Examfit is in the early planning stage and we are working with the Cork Institute of Technology and are currently in the design phase, the funding would go towards building a functioning prototype and developing the necessary pieces to ready the product for market.

Target group and social impact
Language Students, teachers, lecturers and international companies will be the major beneficiaries of this app as language levels have been in the doldrums for years and years and with this easy to use mobile app it will help students speak foreign languages with confidence making it easier to continue learning languages at college and gain future employment in some of the many Multinational companies in this country and abroad. This application can be of benefit to students in other countries too. We plan to extend its use outside of Ireland.

Competences of the applicant
Anne Watson has the ideas and vision to build the mobile application and spent many years teaching German and learning new languages. The Cork Institute of Technology team have the software development and design skills to build the prototype and prepare it for market.

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