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 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 17:04
Idea Outline
Micro-donation app that makes positive impact a daily habit. UFEED motivates people to give up unnecessary calories, at the same time engaging them to donate to food aid projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia, in just 4 clicks!

The Challenge
UFEED redefines the difficult process of raising funds from new generation of donours by embracing mobile technology and the concept of micro-donations. Donor databases are aging and UFEED tackles the questions how to connect charities with younger donors, effectively & cheaply. Only 16 per cent of not-for-profits (the leading organizations) have mobile optimized websites, due in part to a lack of resources. UFEED is a reply to the problem of shortage of funds in the sector and fundraising tool for NGOs working on a grassroots basis helping local communities build long-term solutions in the field of food security. Supporting these organizations we aim to reduce hunger in underdeveloped regions whilst tackling obesity related problems by promoting change in consumption.

The Solution

UFEED App allows users to choose between consuming unnecessary calories or making a small donation to our platform of food security projects. In this way, those striving to lose weight, make healthier choices, turning food treats into sustainable aid for undernourished communities. Potential donors can sign up within 30 seconds and take advantage of a credit card scan function & Paypal. To make a donation, users just tap the food item that they would like to give up, choose a charity project they would like to support and enter the price of the item not purchased. Each donation is shared on social media and report is sent upon projetcs completion. The award will help us to promote the app via new CSR strategy allowing end-consumers of partner e-commerces to co-fund UFEED charity projects.

Target group and social impact
Smartphone users ( 25 - 40 years old, men (40%), women (60%) striving to lose weight, make an instant choice between consuming unhealthy items or making an act of goodness and at the same time learning about solutions of the problem of hunger in underdeveloped countries. We aim to raise a generation of responsible consumers for whom the charity is part of a daily routine. E-commerce partners:. By connecting business with non-for-profit causes we drive demand for their products and enhance customer loyalty. Grassroots NGOs: we improve the visibility of the small grassroots projects empowering local communities to build long-term solutions. Local NGOs carrying out on-the ground projects have more effective resources than huge ones due to being free from the excessive bureacracy.

Competences of the applicant
I am a leader of the multi-skilled team. Having already worked in development sector ( YOOOU. org NGO) I know perfectly the challenges facing the sector. With five years of solid advisory experience gained at law firms, international company and startup business development experience (VOFAIR) I have skills necessary to lead my team to successfully develop goals of the project.

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