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 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 11:24
Idea Outline
ColTourE is a platform (mobile app and web) for aggregating collaborative tourism services. It will enhance access to existing assets in a territory, and foster the creation of new collaborative experiences that will benefit the local community.

The Challenge
Collaborative tourism is based on trust, sharing and connecting people. It is growing rapidly worldwide thanks to the emergence of innovative business and community initiatives that allow addressing the effects of the recession as well as offering new experiences to travellers by increasing their connection to the host culture. Collaborative tourism could allow to decentralize the traditional tourism offer (often highly concentrated), and redistribute its social and economic impact. In Barcelona, decentralization is a strategic goal of the city government, embodied in the Strategic Tourism Plan. However, the offer of collaborative tourism is highly fragmented, and significant imbalances are emerging regarding the integration and impact on the local community.

The Solution

The platform will allow to:
- Present the aggregated offer of collaborative tourism services;
- Link the offer to proximity resources;
- Promote the creation of new content and proposals by users;
- Monitor and measure the social and economic impact on the territory.

The pilot will be developed in Barcelona, where tourism decentralization is a strategic goal of the city government, embodied in the Strategic Tourism Plan.
The solution will be open source, scalable and replicable in other cities/regions.

Work plan (work packages):
1: Diagnostic analysis, selection of services and partnerships with communities/companies
2: Platform specification, contents and use cases definition
3: Methodology for monitoring and analysis of user behaviour and social media
4: Feasibility and management plan

Target group and social impact
The platform will accomplish several functions, according to five main target groups: a) Tourists: discovery of new services and access to alternatives to traditional tourism; b) Users who are already "collaborative tourists": access to diverse services, connection to the local community, improved offer of experiences; c) Collaborative service companies and startups: visibility, integration, increase of the user base, social and economic impact assessment; d) Local community: more harmonic integration of tourists, redistribution of social and economic benefits throughout the city. e) Public institutions: decentralization of tourism in saturated areas, enhancement of the destination brand, data collection to improve knowledge on collaborative tourism and its local impact

Competences of the applicant
Barcelona Media Technology Centre: Culture and Tourism Lab - products and services to value heritage, culture and tourism for local development; Social Media Research Group - characterization and modelling of interaction patterns in social media. OuiShare is a think and do-tank with the mission to empower citizens, public institutions and companies to create a collaborative economy.

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  • Environment and Sustainability

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    Your picture is too big :-/

    Is it realy an urgent problem? a big one? I do not think so.....

    It's a great idea and, like all collaborative economy ideas and projects, it's a win-win for everyone: for both locals of Barcelona and tourists coming here. Not to mention, less centralized and monopolized services are a target any community should strive for. Hope to see the platform live soon!

    I think it's a brilliant idea! Local communities benefit from collaborative tourism and this sort of apps are totally needed


    Very necessary in Barcelona




    It would be also interesting to easure the envionmental impact in the territory! :)
    Nice idea!