Onlinedorp (Onlinevillage)
 Posted on 30/05/2014 - 11:58
Idea Outline
Due to the rise of internet shopping, local shops (especially in contraction regions) are having trouble to survive. This online platform offers an opportunity for shopkeepers and municipalities to collectively give a boost to local shopping.

The Challenge
The rise of the internet has facilitated a total new way of shopping. Although online shopping offers many advantages for people, it is an increasing threat for local shops. This is especially noticed in smaller villages in the so called contraction regions. In those regions an increasing amount of shops are going bankrupt because of a decrease in demand as a result of internet shopping and shopping in bigger cities in the area. These small local shops often have not enough knowledge or capital to go online, and therefore have a competitive disadvantage. In smaller villages this development is starting to be noticed, since the amount of shops is decreasing. The risk of this development is that villages are losing their liveliness, making survival even harder for local shopkeepers.

The Solution

Onlinedorp is an online platform that connects shops from within a certain village. The goal of the platform is to inform people about the shops in their own region and to trigger people to come to the village to buy products in regional shops. Every shopkeeper from within the village can join the platform, resulting in a complete overview of the range of shops. Information about every single shop is provided and a personal webshop can be integrated. This way, shopkeepers get access to internet selling in an easy and cheap way. Additionally, the collective character of the platform increases competitive advantage of all shops in the village, by making the village as a whole more attractive.
The project has been introduced in a first village, the next step is expanding to other villages.

Target group and social impact
With this platform both shopkeepers and municipalities in contraction regions are targeted. By informing local people about shops in their region/village, people will be triggered to go shopping in their own village instead of shopping online. This both strengthens the economic position (turnover and employability) of such a contraction region and improves the atmosphere in the village. Any shop can join the platform, even for example the bakery or the grocery, strengthening the position of everyone. The goal is to create a collective competitive advantage, competing with alternatives like internet shopping and shopping in larger cities. The platform could even be extended, including municipal affairs like general (tourist) information, creating an online community.

Competences of the applicant
The applicant has realized a proof of concept in the village Roden ( This resulted in a relevant network for further expansion. To further develop the platform a partnership has been started with a web development company. This company has extensive experience in web and mobile development, possessing the necessary skills to extend the platform.

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